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COG sponsored trivia night is a festive success

The Community Outreach Group works throughout the academic year by doing meaningful work that supports the communities adjacent to NECC. These are included but not limited food drives, bake sales, recycling days and other selfless good deeds that help others in need. On Dec. 11, this group put on a Holiday Trivia Night where all the proceeds went to the Fidelity House, an organization that supports families with people who have disabilities in the Merrimack Valley. The event overall was a success, and there were many highlights as well. The most memorable part of the evening was the commentary of Dermot Luddy, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Luddy provided his quick wit through every step of the way (including when technological difficulties arose because that is a theme of 2020) and used his thick Irish speaking skills to good use and made sure everyone was having a good time. Luddy had good pace when asking the questions and was totally engaging with the participants as well. If there was one thing that could have been improved upon, I would have liked to see him give less hints, but that was the only flaw there in an otherwise great…

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Moment of the capture of journalist Romero while he was on his evening news. More than 100 policemen were used to capture him, who entered the radio station building to capture a person who was working in front of a microphone.

The extinction of journalism in Honduras

Moment of the capture of journalist Romero while he was on his evening news. More than 100 policemen were used to capture him, who entered the radio station building to capture a person who was working in front of a microphone. Although some newspaper articles state that Mexico and Syria are the most dangerous countries to be a journalist, I think they have long overlooked how dangerous it is for a journalist to work in…

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First year students reflect on their first semester

College students throughout the country have been asked to follow a unique set of expectations and requirements equating to seemingly nothing else in recent educational history this past year. With serious adaptation necessary to adhere to COVID-19 protocols, college students at all levels seemed to pay the price both literally and figuratively, in the sense that each individual’s experience was inevitably hindered in some way this semester and for returning students or graduates the semester prior, as well continuing to pay the full price, of course ludicrous amounts for some schools, for an experience that for many did not feel worth it. The similar and contrasting approaches and changes that have come acquainted with the altered experience has undoubtedly effected students of all ages, but outside of those set to graduate college in 2021 who have had their senior year stained, it feels the incoming freshman class got the shorter end of the stick in terms of the appeal in attending college. While the opportunity for vast improvement in the remaining years should be taken into consideration before labeling their experience to be not worthwhile, for the limited and watered-down semester just endured to be their only taste of college…

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News Bytes

What is NECC currently watching?

This pandemic has been different for everyone. Some of us have been more busy than ever, and some of us have more free time than usual. In regards to that, the people of NECC have some TV show recommendations for readers of The Observer! NECC student Ian Shea, who runs…

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Connecting with the community during the holidays

Northern Essex Community College hosted a holiday themed movie night on Dec. 17. The community was encouraged to participate in the showing of the movie, The Holiday, being shown via Zoom. Any and all students and faculty members were welcome to join with a super simple signup through a link.…

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When will Americans finally get the Covid vaccine?

U.S.  health workers today already began receiving their vaccinations, as there are 87 million essential workers in line for theirs. There is no guarantee all of them will receive one though due to the high demand. “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines submitted to US states say that…

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Tutoring center helps students reach their goals

College students, specifically the ones at NECC and first time students, have had their struggles integrating into college life as of late. With this pandemic and getting used to the new virtual learning, many students have had difficulties adjusting to a new learning experience that they still haven’t been accustomed…

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Noelle: A different type of Christmas movie

I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas movies. I feel like they all follow the same formula and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen a thousand. When a friend told me to watch Noelle on Disney Plus, I immediately rolled…

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Urine Hell: A short comedic film   

On Nov. 27 “Urine Hell” premiered on YouTube. The film takes the viewer on just shy of a six-minute quest from the beach to a public bathroom stall, all in search of bladder relief.   The short comedic film is the brainchild of NECC freshman Gyani Pradhan Wong Ah Sui, who works under the stage name Gyani Wasp and his friend…

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Featured Articles

COVID-19 consolation: Vaccine is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel 

Graphic showing the plans for vaccine distribution in three phases

On Friday, Dec. 11, 2020, the Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for emergency use in the United States.   For many, this is a long-awaited relief and for others a cause for further concern.   Jocelyn Avila, 20, of North Andover, says she would like to get the vaccine after seeing how it works for others.   Mirrorajah Metcalfe, 19, of Haverhill is hesitant to receive the vaccine once she becomes eligible. “It feels all too rushed,” she says.   Andrew Venditti, 21, from Haverhill, plans on getting the vaccine eventually and shared that his mom has already received her first dose and the only side effect has been “an itchy arm.”  The federal government is allowing each state to decide how they will distribute the vaccine to residents. Massachusetts has a three-phase plan, prioritizing health care workers, first responders and public service providers. This plan is expected…

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PPE everywhere: The pandemic has led to increased littering 

A photo collage of personal protective equipment litter.

At this point, people all over, young and old, are familiar with personal protective equipment, of PPE, like masks and gloves. Mirrorajah Metcalfe, 19, of Haverhill wears PPE when she goes to work at Market Basket and disposes of it in a trash can when done.   Jocelyn Avila, 20, of North Andover uses gloves and reusable masks as often as possible to do her part in keeping extra trash to a minimum. “I hate litter,” she says.  Avila also cuts the loops on her disposable masks before throwing them away to avoid animals getting stuck in them.    Andrew Venditti, 21, from Haverhill, is currently working from home but does use masks, both disposable and reusable, when out for walks with his dog Sherlock.   Unfortunately, we do not only see PPE on each other while we are at work or at…

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Students, staff members plan for pandemic holidays

No matter what your typical traditions may entail, this holiday season is most definitely going to look a little different this year. With the aim to keep family members and loved ones safe, many people are avoiding huge family parties or going out at all. “This year’s going to be really different for my family, actually,” says NECC student, Emma Kallery. “Usually, I spend Christmas Eve with my mom’s side and Christmas Day with my dad’s (with around 15 people present for each day), but with everything going on this year, we all made the decision to stay home and celebrate within our own houses.” Many other people have had to make difficult decisions like Kallery and since a large part of Christmas involves being…

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