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Stress control as finals week draws nigh

The end of the semester is always a very stressful time for college students. Its the time where students are getting in any work that they may be late on, preparing for final tests, giving final presentations or working on final projects. Although college in general can be very stressful on a person, the last 2 weeks or so are definitely the worst. Depending on how many classes a student is taking, the work load can feel like its taking over your life. A Northern Essex liberal arts student, Sheryl Contarino said, “ I hate this time of the semester. I almost feel like I’m trying to do the whole entire class in one week. Obviously I’m not, but the work load and the stress load just makes it seem that way”. Some students like to just sit down and study for hours on end, or sit down and just bang everything out instantly and get it over with. Although everyone is different and has their own things that they like to do, there are some common ways to relieve stress. According to, one good way to relieve stress is to exercise. Exercise helps you focus, it gives you…

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Freshmen take on finals

Students speak about their first finals week This year, Northern Essex has made an effort to engage its students and find helpful and accessible ways for them to study. Advertisements for the “Late Knight Study Session” were posted all over campus as well as advertised by professors and emailed to students. Not only does this provide a space for students to go study but it will motivate them to do so as well. Many students…

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student holding a mic raping in front of a projected screen

Campus Culture Podcast takes NECC by storm

Dynamic trio takes to the air to talk Northern Essex From podcast episodes to open mic nights, NECC’s Campus Culture Podcast is giving students a voice.Made up of three members, this podcast wrecking crew was established in the Spring semester of 2018.President of the group; Amanda Torres says their goal was to “put forth a different kind of aspect on campus” in regards to the other clubs at NECC.Torres points out how there was not…

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News Bytes

Jan. 29, Free Farmer’s market on Haverhill and Lawrence campuses

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Jan. 29, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, Stalking awareness information table at Haverhill campus, Spurk (C) Building

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Jan. 29, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, Stalking awareness information tables at Lawrence campus, El-Hefni (LC) building

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Jan. 23, Spring semester add/drop period begins

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Jan. 23, Spring semester classes begin

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Jan. 22, Winter Convocation at NECC

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Featured Articles

Late Knights

photo of rows of computers, and students doing work on them

NECC students hunker down for final exams Let’s face it, finals season kind of sucks. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than staying up all night with books piled on your lap, paper scatter across the floor, and your laptop hanging onto the last of its battery life. Trying to cram all of the information that’s been preached at you and creating acronyms that you think you’ll remember for your exam, but another acronym is created just to remember the original acronym. If only there was some kind of place where students could go where they could be allowed access to a quiet study place with computers and other students looking to do the same. Well, if this sounds like you, if a study session with your…

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Learning to love the grind

The end of the semester is here. After many sleepless nights, last-minute scrambles and outstanding pieces of writing and presentation, we can all take a deep breath. As the semester ends, and the next one comes into focus, it’s time to rest, take stock, and prepare to overcome whatever challenges lay ahead i the next semester. In order to become as effective a possible, to be as much an asset to our own interests as possible, there is a single change that will make all the rest so much easier. Planning is only the first step, and overplanning can sometimes be more of a hindrance than help. As it has been said, no plan survives contact with opposition. Staying on task and committing to meet…

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Remembering Liza Ruiz

close up photo of Liza Ruiz. She is wearing a green camo jacket

Friend shares fond memories of student Editor’s note: Dec. 3 was the one-year anniversary of the death of 18-year-old Liza Ruiz, of Lawrence, who was a student in the Journalism/Communication program at Northern Essex Community College. Her  close friend, Jada Ryan, is a current student in the program and she shared this remembrance of Ruiz: Liza, Marielsy and Jada. The three of us were inseparable, we did everything together. We hung out everyday. Shopping, nails, hair, makeup, movies, anything. We were always together. We ensured we had every single class together throughout high school and college. Liza has taught me so much through our 5 years of friendship, she taught me how to love myself and to never let anyone ever make me feel less…

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