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students standing in front of a table with their art on it, getting evaluated

Art students show off portfolios

Event was opportunity to network, get input from four-year schools Northern Essex offered a chance for art and design students to meet with several different art and design 4-year colleges in the area. The colleges represented on Feb 16 were MassArt, Montserrat College of Art, Salem State University, Umass Lowell, New Hampshire Institute of Art, and Northern Vermont University. Apart from networking with the colleges, NECC students are given the opportunity to get input from…

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women siting on the floor with one leg close to her body and she has her hands around the leg

Yoga-to try it

NECC starts monthly yoga sessions Cameron beginning her yoga session Not only is Amy Cameron the Academic Preparation and ESL coordinator at Northern Essex, but she also teaches yoga. Karen Hruska was the coordinator of the event that happened Feb. 27. A yoga session was held at The Hub in the student center, and was open to all faculty, students and staff. The email that was sent out specified that it was “Gentle yoga for…

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two women standing next to each other. one is older(left). both are of asian

NECC takes on NENPA

Journalism students attend newspaper convention in Boston Friday, Feb. 15 NENPA the New England Newspaper and Press Association (NENPA) hosted their annual convention in the Seaport district of Boston. NENPA is a professional trade organization for newspapers in the six New England states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.  NENPA produces a two day convention each year featuringworkshops, panels, seminars and training sessions.  Communication / journalism majors got to experience it firsthand,…

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News Bytes

March 19th, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, Adult Coloring: Stress reduction and Management workshop. Haverhill campus, One Stop Student Center (SC106)

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March 17th, Spring Break Begins.

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March 15th, 12:00 am to 5:00 pm, deadline for Peace Poetry Contest. see Peace Poetry Contest page for more information.

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March 13th, 7:30 am to 9:00 pm, 4th Annual White Ribbon Day. Haverhill Campus, Hartleb Technology Center, (TC103)

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Photo of the outside of the fitness center. Ground has a thin layer of snow. Thare are two trees with no leaves in front of the building.

The sun breaks out over the sports and fitness center following the large storm system Heavy snow causes power outages and closes schools NECC was eerily quiet as students filtered in for evening classes on Monday.  Where, usually, one entire complement of students would be traded for another, the cancelling of day classes due to  inclement weather meant that the Haverhill campus was uncharacteristically still.  Fresh, perfectly flat snow covered the quad, radiant in the evening sun as the quiet of a sleeping forest began to be interrupted by cars and trucks arriving as campus opened. Northern Essex was far from the only quiet campus as a result of this winter storm, which swept across Massachusetts March 3 and 4.  Haverhill public schools were also…

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Fake hate crimes deepen divide

The recent staged hate crime organized by Jussie Smollett is but the latest symptom of a disturbing trend in the current cultural and political environment. Disproportionately experiencing these fake hate crimes are college campuses around the country.  The BBC reports that a “Chicago judge has said that if true, the actions of Smollett are ‘utterly outrageous’ and ‘despicable’” Certainly, the public reaction to learning of Smollett’s hoax was at least as strong as their initial response to his claim. The idea that someone would manufacture a politically-charged incident to garner sympathy or even just attention might seem outlandish and prone enough to backfire to be a very rare occurrence. But, it’s not as rare as it should be. In December of 2014, The New York…

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Real victims in a fake-news world

What Jussie Smollett’s staged attack means for victims When Jussie Smollett filed a police report claiming that two masked attackers wrapped a rope around his neck, poured a substance (possibly bleach) and screamed “MAGA country” at him early morning Jan. 29, the country immediately went into a firestorm. People of all walks of life, including celebrities, political figures, and anyone with social media chimed in, wondering how something like this could happen? It also overwhelmingly reiterated a point that many people feel today, being that if you wear a MAGA hat or support President Trump, you are inherently a racist, and this attack only proves it. But then something interesting happened, the story kept changing, new evidence kept coming out that was leading police to…

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