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New Lawrence food vendor named

The Lawrence campus gained a new food vendor after weeks of looking. The vendor will be El Taller, which operates a restaurant at 275 Essex St., only a couple blocks from the Lawrence Campus.  The El Taller location offers wifi access, breakfast, lunch and dinner options, 2 floors of event space and more. When asked about the new vendor, NECC’s Director of Administrative Services, Michael Pierce said, “We think the menu, pricing and activities they have proposed will be exciting and well accepted in the college community.” Not only is El Taller close in proximity to the college, but they also offer food and beverages, and support education and the community.  Initially, the operation will be open for breakfast and lunch.  The need for evening service will be assessed at a later point in time.  According to NECC’s Director of Campus Operations and Procurement Martha Leavitt, “El Taller are working with a local nutritionist and possibly a Culinary Institute of America graduate to develop the full menu.” Pierce also stated, “When the previous vendor decided to leave we were tasked with trying to find a way to provide food service on the Lawrence campus.  Through some community connections the college…

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In memory of the legend, this word search is made up of Prince song titles

R.I.P. Prince

“Warner Bros took the name [Prince], trademarked it, and used it as the main marketing tool to promote all of the music I wrote. The company owns the name Prince and all related music marketed under Prince. I became merely a pawn used to produce more money for Warner Bros. I was born Prince and did not want to adopt another conventional name. The only acceptable replacement for my name, and my identity, was a…

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NECC student Tracy Mukami wore her traditional garb for the fashion show

African students hold fashion show

By: Cleo Brigham Staff Writer On Wednesday, April 20, the African Students Club held an African attire fashion show in Spurk’s Hawrylciw Theater. In addition to the many items of traditional clothing modeled, club member Ercania sang a Haitian song. The club was also joined by former NECC professor Jane Thiefels. In addition to previously teaching English as a second language at Northern Essex, Thiefels is also a nurse and has traveled to Africa as…

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News Bytes

Science Club

Welcome to the S.C.I.E.N.C.E club, advised by Professsor Sarah Courchesne and Dr. Mark Clements, provides students with a chance to explore the outdoors and has any interests in science. Courchesne informed us of the basic questions and answers for students interested. Who should join the SCIENCE club? Anyone with a…

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NECC COG supports Walk for Hunger

On Wednesday April 20, Community Outreach Group had a bake sale for the Walk for Hunger organization.  Nick Stuart, the president of COG has been an active member for four semesters.  “The club has gained a lot of new members as of late and that’s really exciting,” he said.  For…

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Sy Montgomery speaks at NECC

Many audience members stayed after the presentation to have their book signed by the author, including NECC professor Mike Cross

Sy Montgomery, the author of The Soul of an Octopus, naturalist and author of “The Good Pig,” spoke at the STEM Speaker’s Series at NECC on April 6. Montgomery based her lecture on her book, and her incredible experiences working with octopuses at the New England Aquarium. She began her…

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Dance students light up the stage

The annual NECC Dance Recital took place April 22 and 23 at Lawrence High School. Opening the show were the students in the NECC Dance Club, shaking and grooving to the funky beats of “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz. The electric feel of the dancers lithely moving across the…

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Featured Articles

Volleyball team winless in first season

After almost four years without a volleyball team, the program was resurrected this season. When sports sign-up day at Northern Essex came around, the table where prospective volleyball players were meeting was the table with the most buzz. For a program coming back after being gone for multiple seasons, this was a good sign. The women who signed up were very interested in the new team, and some were recruited by brand new head coach, Monica Reum. Reum was hired for the job last spring and started recruitment right away. Reum is a 23-year old Business Graduate from Merrimack College, who has played the sport for most of her life and still plays on some traveling squads. She shows a real passion for the sport…

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A Jitters Thank You

One of NECC’s own, Melissa Merrill, who works in the Jitter’s cafeteria, would like to send an immense thank you to the faculty and staff for their wonderful donations that her and her boyfriend, Jesse Downs, have received since 2013. Back in August of 2013, Merrill received horrific news that her boyfriend Downs was jumped and beaten nearly to death. Thankfully he didn’t end up losing his life, although sadly he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. After the diagnosis, the two of them were told the troubling news that he may never walk again and that he must eat all his meals through a tube. Since then he has been making steady progress where he’s starting to walk again and hopefully will be…

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Meet the instructors of NECC

Dave Rattigan, an instructor with the English department here at NECC says he thinks he has a “portfolio career.” In addition to teaching, he’s also a news correspondent for The Boston Globe (and formerly for People magazine), and works a full schedule as a stand-up comedian (his CD played on Sirius Satellite Radio, among other places) and producer (raising more than $1.2 million for various good causes). He also has a 10-year-old daughter. Teaches at NECC: Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communications 1. Where did you go to college? I have a BFA from Emerson College, Masters from Cambridge College, and decades ago I got a degree from Northeast Broadcast School. I also attended a couple of schools that I dropped or flunked out of —…

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