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NECC Knights baseball player Luis Colon and Nicholas White holding Region 21 Championship trophy

NECC Knights are your Region 21 champions

On Mother’s Day May 8, the NECC Knights faced Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) Knights  in the championship game for the Region 21 tournament in  Fraser Field in Lynn. The NECC Knights defeated CCRI 13-1 to become Region 21 champions. Todd Tringale of Saugus was on the mound for the NECC Knights and for the CCRI Knights it was Jacob Sanantonio of Carston R.I. First pitch was at 12:04 p.m. Tringale walked the leadoff…

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NECC warming up before the semi finals  vs Massasoit

Knights moving on to the Region 21 Championship

On Saturday May 7th the number 1 seed NECC Knights faced the number 2 seed Massasoit Community College in Frasier  Field in Lynn, Massachusetts. The winner of this game would advance to the NJCAA Region 21 championship game on May 8th. Knights defeated Massasoit 6 to 1 to advance to the Region 21 championship game. NECC Knights warmed up doing their pre-game routine before the game taking ground balls and hitting in the cage. The…

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“The cast of "Lighten Up”, after the Sunday Performance. The Cast was Nicole Affannato, Olivia Barberian, Joanne Callahan, Gwynnethe Glickman, Alyssa Fluet, Jessica Newey and Brayden Toth featuring Michael Zuccola. Directed by theater professor Brianne Beatrice.

"Lighten Up" performance

The NECC spring theater production, “Lighten Up” recently played to sold out audiences on May 5, 6, 7 and 8. Directed by Theater Program Coordinator Brianne Beatrice, the play, by New York City based comic Peter Zachari, featured professional actor and NECC alumni Michael Zuccola in a series of seven comedic vignettes set in the 1980s. Also in the cast were Nicole Affannato, Olivia Barberian, Joanne Callahan, Gwynnethe Glickman, Alyssa Fluet, Jessica Newey and Brayden…

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News Bytes

Successful semester for Community Outreach Group

Finally unhindered by the COVID-19 pandemic NECC’s Community Outreach Group (COG) has bounced back with a successful year of volunteer work. This semester COG has orchestrated a bake sale for deaf inc., a clothing drive for Lazarus house, and a collaborative campus clean-up.  “This semester they decided they wanted to…

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Young adults continue to experience mental health difficulties as COVID persists

There is currently an epidemic of young adults suffering from mental health problems. These issues may have been prompted by a number of things on account of COVID-19 such as loss of jobs or financial troubles, worries about the safety of ourselves and loved ones and compromised social lives.  From…

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Why students continue to take online classes

COVID-19 has altered the ways that individuals approach education. One of these things that have changed is the prominence of online classes. Even now, when in-person courses are up and running, many people still opt to take their classes virtually. One of these students is Avery Hochheiser, an early college…

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Raquel Quezada: Journey of Latina who changed the world

Raquel Quezada

On Wednesday Feb. 2 I had a chance to interview Raquel Quezada from Haverhill she is currently studying psychology in Northern Essex Community College. She is an author,and used to be a journalist in Dominican Republic. Raquel Quezada has a radio program on Saturday Changing the World with Person with…

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Are summer classes a good option?

During the summer, NECC offers three different summer class sessions that allow students to take extra classes, some on their own time, and lighten their load in the normal school year. However, some students value their summer as time to get away from all classes. The regular semesters at NECC…

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A look into the mind: The Story of Elizabeth Casanave

“I’m driven to be constantly improving myself – growing into a better person, a more caring, contributing, productive member of society.” says UMass Lowell’s Graduate Programs Advisor and psychology and philosophy professor here at NECC, Elizabeth Casanave, who has long been fascinated with the mind and life’s large ideas. Casanave…

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Featured Articles

PACE awards honor students

PACE award honoree Kimberly Justo with her certificate and her mother Kendy Bastardo at the awards ceremony.

PACE award honoree Kimberly Justo with her certificate and her mother Kendy Bastardo at the awards ceremony. On Tuesday, April 26 PACE Program hosted their annual PACE Awards and Alumni Success Panel night. Special guests for the alumni panel were Jonathan Aguilar, Jennifer Lilja, Karina Calderon, Genesis Garcia and Kiara Pichardo. The PACE Program helps first generation students and also it helps students transfer to a four year college. I interviewed award winner Kimberly Justo after the ceremony. “I feel really proud about it. I think I kinda knew I was getting something out of it cause I worked really hard to get it… I was really excited I felt like everything that I did was worth it…” Justo said. I had a chance to…

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Speechapalooza 2022: Planning an in-person event post pandemic

NECC’s eighth annual Speechapalooza event is Thursday, April 21 from 1-2:30 p.m. in Lecture Hall A in the Spurk (C) building.  Hosted by NECC Public Relations students, Speechapalooza was created in the hopes of bringing back the sense of community so many of us have lost because of the pandemic. As a student in a Public Relations course this semester, I have gotten a behind-the-scenes look into what goes into making those events — the ones we always see in our weekly newsletters—come to life. From press releases and venue booking, to flyers and mass-texts, I have come to learn that planning an event is no easy act. Add on the pressure of this being the first in-person Speechapalooza in two years, and you’ll understand the chaos…

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The common trend that binds us together: Fighting mid-semester burnout

As another Spring break passes and these fleeting moments of relaxation come to an end, I have found myself overwhelmed with assignments, a part-time job, and the stress of planning the future of my academic career. In a recent conversation with friends  — all of different educational backgrounds and life goals  — I saw that I was not alone in this. I noticed a shared phenomenon that was unbound by our discrepancies: the feeling of the impending stress that comes with the final two months of the semester.  From communication majors to biology students, to undecided majors, no one was untouched by this burden. One of these friends, NECC student Kia Dimakis, shares her experience. “Juggling four courses and my part-time job has been harder…

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