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News daze: The impact of local news on individuals 

In a time where the country is being plagued by crucial problems – from the ongoing fight for racial equality to the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic – many people are staying glued to their television screens in anticipation for what is going to happen next. Many students at Northern Essex Community College have mixed feelings about the ways in which local television news is impacting their emotions as well as their day-to-day routines. Brendan Maye is not an avid viewer of local news, but he tries to stay updated with local coverage as much as he can. Maye feels that most of the news he hears about is good, but also helpful in updating viewers about what is happening around the world. “I connect with good stories about COVID-19 because I feel we are finally going in the right direction,” Maye says. Although Maye is not impacted emotionally by the stories he hears about, he has strategies in place for when he needs to escape sad news coverage. “I try to think positive thoughts and hope for good things to happen,” Maye explains. Chelsea Daigle enjoys staying updated with news by reading articles. She has recently tried to incorporate local television news into her daily routine in efforts to…

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GalaxyCon excels in the convention industry

Ever been to a convention? If so, was it pop culture related? If going to pop culture conventions is one of your hobbies, and you enjoy meeting celebrities as part of that hobby, then GalaxyCon has you covered! GalaxyCon is a convention company that provides fans of various TV shows with paid meet & greet opportunities with artists and actors. GalaxyCon has continued this endeavor throughout the pandemic by moving this experience to the virtual world. Therefore, now, each weekend, there are numerous events that cater toward fans from all across the globe that allow these fans to meet their favorite actors via video chats! For example, coming up on May 22nd, four actors from the hit fantasy ABC TV series, Once Upon a Time, are participating in an online event with GalaxyCon! Cast members include Jennifer Morrison, Beverly Elliot, Keegan Connor Tracy, and Eion Bailey! One-on-one meet & greets, and autographs are available for purchase, while the live Q&A panel will be a live stream that is free to watch. More details can be found at Most one-on-one chats are around two minutes, although some are three minutes (length of time is always specified when the chat is…

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Photo collage, buildings and portrait of grandmother

Photo Essay: Before I'm gone

My grandmother’s neighborhood in the Bronx, near Gun Hill Rd. Bottom left image is on Brooklyn bridge (she’d drive through there everyday). Carmen “Tita” Almonte   “I always served other people. Running around, always doing things for other people. There isn’t anybody out there that has any negative feelings towards me, thank Jehovah. The best thing in life is when people get along. When people get along, we live well. We live happily. I believe…

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News Bytes

Before I'm gone: A photo essay

Portrait of Josselyn Fernandez in her apartment

This project is something that was born out of my own fears. It is a realization. It is a hard pill to swallow. It is a truth, that I (and many) need to face. This project was birthed from the knowledge of knowing that I won’t be on this planet…

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A first-year radiologic technology student shares her NECC journey

Current student, Kali Bergeron, 20, of Salem, N.H., is spending her second semester at Northern Essex. Bergeron is in her prerequsit year of her courses to beome a radiologist. Bergeron explains her path to radiology and her experiences at NECC. Bergeron is the youngest of three siblings. She played soccer…

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Pandemic inspires new forms of creative collaboration

Although creative collaboration has become more difficult as a result of restrictions on gathering ,the additional time that has arisen for many over the past year has created an oppurtunity to explore interests and hobbies there wasn’t time for before. Though collaboration and in person endeavours have become more difficult,…

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A look into the mind and life of local artist Jay Tuccolo

When reaching the final steps leading to his third flood office, a bombardment of color and sound encircles you. Hundreds of CD’s line the walls and records are stacked all around. Paintings and artwork surround the room, in a wash of beautiful greens, lazy yellows and bright blues. A soft…

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A review of Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone is a new fantasy series on Netflix, run by Eric Heisserer, adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling young adult Grishaverse novels. The series is loosely based on Tsarist Russia, building a story on a reeling, war torn kingdom. It follows the common chosen-one trope, following the adventures of…

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My story: A first-year student shares her experiences

I wanted to do an extra credit story and I did not know what I wanted to do the story on. I figured all the news stories about the school probably have already been written and with it being the end of the semester I am somewhat fresh out of…

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Featured Articles

Students share diverse opinions on college's vaccine policy

Just as the population of NECC’s students are diverse, so are their opinions about NECC’s  decision not to require the COVID-19 vaccine to take in-person classes next semester. Some say they support the idea, while others say they would feel better knowing the people around them are vaccinated. On April 29, NECC president Lane Glenn sent an email to inform students of the school’s decision. In the email, Glenn talked about how the college came to their decision. He said, “[the students] who already face the greatest barriers to their education and to getting vaccinated, and who need us the most, were once again beginning to hear a message from expensive, selective, residential universities that did not apply to them, and we wanted them to…

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Public speaking in a pandemic

We are taught from a young age that public speaking would be an important aspect of not only our educational lives, but future careers. It is daunting for several people, and the idea of talking in front of more than five individuals can cause physical pain. At Northern EssexCommunity College, there are a lot of opportunities to present in front of crowds. The Covid-19 pandemic had changed how students learn in more ways than one. There are a lot of things that could go wrong in the process of public speaking. Clara Petry, second year student is not unfamiliar about going over those things in her head. “My worst fear would probably be messing up in front of everyone, or maybe being judged. One thing…

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Pandemic spurs some to embrace economic innovations

The past year has been greatly turbulent in all sectors, particularly so in the employment sector and the consequences they’ve had for those both looking for a job or who’ve been laid off as a result of the Coronavirus. Many who normally would’ve performed typical wage labor were forced out of these positions as the economy suffered through the various lockdowns and restrictions put into place and instead had to resort to alternatives and nontraditional methods of work in order to better maintain themselves and their lifestyles. While social media has traditionally been seen as a potential distraction from labor, many have instead utilized the marketplaces (and marketing opportunities) it provides and have found methods to maintain an income in the face of the devastation…

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