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Summer finally upon us

Monday signified the last day of classes for the spring 2014 semester. For many students of NECC, they will be walking away from the Haverhill or Lawrence campuses and move on to a four year school.

Many students will take summer classes. Some will move on and head straight to work. There’s no “right” way to move on from school — everyone has their own plan. The important part of those plans are to stick with them and to fight for what you want to do.

For those who take advantage of a summer off, make it count. Go to the beach if you want. Go every day. Go hiking, go boating. It may be the last chance you have to goof off, and you’ll want to make the most of it.

The time spent in school can be an amazingly positive time as long as you want it to be. Like everything, your perception and opinion will make the difference in how you react to it. Take finals seriously, and when they’re done, the time spent goofing off will feel even better.

Things will change very fast for everyone. Many of us are headed to four year schools, where the comfort of small classrooms and personal relationships with professors may be a thing of the past. The drive to class will now be the walk over from the dorm for people who are moving away to school.

NECC opens a lot of doors. If you take advantage of those openings, your college experience will be significantly better. Not only for your years at NECC, but the years you spend elsewhere.

Make the most of your vacation, if you’re taking one. If you take summer classes, have fun with them. NECC keeps a lot of their services open during the summer, so head over to the gym or math center and get involved.

Don’t let yesterday’s mistake cost you tomorrow’s success. Say “so what?” Shrug it off, keep your head on your shoulders and things will work out.

The only one who is going to do things for you is ultimately you. Have fun, take class, personal life, and work seriously.

NECC is a good place. I had fun here, and met a lot of great people. They put me in a great position to succeed.