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College community gathers for fair

The photo is a wide shot of NECC students on the Haverhill campus outside looking at club tables and getting information.

Students could look at different available clubs at the campus life fair.

The College Life and Campus Services fair was a sea of blue, yellow and white

The event, hosted by NECC’s Student Engagement Center on Sept. 10, aims to help students learn about the various services, activities and clubs at NECC. It was very well attended.

The fair helps students get accustomed with their new college and do their best in the new environment. “Data says if students are connected to their college they are more likely to succeed,” said Dina Brown the Director of Student Engagement.

Students can speak with representatives from clubs, organizations or services they may be interested in, and receive more information. While visiting at the different tables the students even receive freebies from the advisors at the tables.

The Tutoring Center had their entire schedule posted at their table, with all the dates and times for certain programs they can help with. Selena Torres, a criminal psychology major, was happy to find this table. “It’s great to know when they are available ahead of time so I can work it into my schedule,” said Torres.

Jasmine Polanco, a liberal arts major, was working the Presidential Student Ambassador table. She said, “It is so much fun teaching all the new students about all the fun that can be had at Northern Essex, the students are finding it very helpful, they like how interactive it is with all the clubs.”

One of the popular tables had students pose for a picture, which was put on a cereal box. 

Students could be the fourth member of Snap, Crackle and Pop from Rice Krispies.

“People love the cereal box photos and the air brush pennants, the staff making them work very quickly and are very creative with what they are doing, and everyone is laughing and enjoying the final product,” said Donna Passemato, an exercise science major.

Duane Sherman, a creative writing major, is new to the school this semester. It was the first event he attended at NECC as a new student and was very happy to see everything that NECC has to offer. “It’s a great way to get acquainted with a new campus.” Sherman had not yet signed up for any clubs but was still looking around and receiving all the information and freebies the clubs and organizations were giving away.

Robert Ewusi, an accounting major, has volunteered at the fair for the past three years and really enjoys helping out the students. Ewusi said he expects that is going to help a lot of great things happen for students.

Some additional information students could receive at the fair were internships now offered at NECC, Top Notch Players, The Gay Straight Alliance, jobs at UPS and more. 

While visiting all the representatives students could also collect stickers for a bingo board and when it was filled enter in a drawing for a special prize. There also were hamburgers and hotdogs from “Dina’s BBQ” and free slush.

“I collected all the stickers and got to enter the drawing” said, Joshephine Sebagisha a biology major. Students seemed to have a lot of fun collecting the stickers. “My friend and I kept comparing to see who was going to fill their card first,’ said Sebagisha.


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