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People ponder parking passes

By Henry Brewster, Correspondent

Despite the initial oppositions that many students and faculty presented a year ago when the parking passes became mandatory, people are generally now accommodating of the $8.50 ∑it costs to park on NECC’s campus.

 There are still outliers who refuse to pay for parking sheerly on principle, one anonymous student stating, “it’s too much to keep track of: books, tuition, supplies, parking. They should put it all under one bill.” This is a luxury that even most private schools don’t enjoy.

 Parking passes helped fund the sanding of the parking lots during the winter, a necessary action, due to restrictions on using salt as an ice deterrent because of water-body proximity issues.

 “It’s not that big a deal as long as it’s helping keep students safe” said Luke Miller, 22, a current student at NECC.

Parking pass payments also helped to fund repairs in the pavement.

 For new pupils, the parking pass doesn’t come as much of a shock, particularly since many other schools, such as UMass Lowell, or North Shore also require paid passes to park on campus.

“I was finishing my last semester when they began issuing parking passes, and I was a little peeved there was yet another thing I had to pay for,” said Coty Markee, 23, alumni of NECC. 

When parking passes became required, students were frustrated that there were no free lots available close to campus. 

 As a result of the parking passes, traffic through the back lot at the Science Building has significantly increased, security reports. 

Due to the ticketing program and threats of being towed, students who still refuse to purchase passes have now found themselves parking on the opposite side of the Haverhill campus from most classrooms, saving their eight dollars and walking a little farther to class.