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Dynamic signage comes to NECC

A student senate idea from 2012 comes into play at NECC as electronic information screens pop up all over the Haverhill and Lawrence campuses. 

In 2012 the senate thought students needed a better way of getting information through technology. They decided to start raising funds for their annual class gift to the school. They reached $2,000 in 2012 school year as well as another $2,000 in 2013 school year. 

The 2012 student senate gift was designated to help fund the electronic signage in Haverhill and the 2013 class gift was designated for Lawrence, according to David Gingerella, the Chief Financial Officer at NECC.

That was just the beginning of getting the electronic signage into place. According to Gingerella, “To complete the project correctly, the college set up a process management committee, the committee discussed how to best increase the communication college wide here at NECC, and a decision was made that the best way would be to enhance our existing electronic communication system with the addition of ADA compliant dynamic digital signage network.”

This backed up the student senate’s original idea of the electronic signage.  “The committee became known as the Dynamic Signage committee and they focused on increasing awareness of events, important information for students and emergency information. They also looked into having images on the signage as of now there is a campus map and a weather feed,” Gingerella said.

Helen Shiepe, a general studies major said, “ I would like to see more information about bake sales and charity events, and maybe a little more eye catching with the colors and photos they use.”

Darci Isabelle, a journalism major said, “I think it is great senate started this, it is going to be very beneficial.”

It’s a great way to get information about what is going on on campus, said 

Mark Morava, a general studies student. Morava is here at NECC for his first semester. He did not realize the screens were new. He thought they had already been there. Morava said he thinks it is a good thing. 

Students are happy with the new way to receive information at NECC. There are some students who think the screens are too high in the Spurk Building. Alyson Strugnell, liberal arts major said she thinks it is a bit high. She thinks it would be a little better if it were a little closer to eye level. Shiepe agreed with Strugnell and said, “Students usually walk in with their heads down or looking straight ahead they are not looking up that high much.” 

There are 11 screens on the Haverhill campus and five on the Lawrence campus. There is one screen in the Bentley Library, two screens in the B and E buildings. The Spurk building has four screens, one located right in the center lobby, one right up stairs above the lobby, one at the entrance of Spurk near the B building and one on the third floor near the elevator. There is also one screen in the Sports and Fitness Center, two in the Behrakis One-Stop Center and one in the Hartleb Technology Center. In Lawrence they are located The Dimitry building, Amesbury Street, El-Hefni, and 420 Common Street.

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