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Student Life holds open house to talk about services

On Wednesday, Oct. 1, the Student Life Department held an open-house for students to learn what services are available to them on campus.

“It’s an open house, so that people can find out what happens in student life. So we have a counseling center, we have athletics, student engagement center and new student orientation,” said Dina Brown, head of Student Engagement. 

“We’re trying to make sure students know what is happening. Most of our offices are here in this building. We want to try to make sure people know what’s available.”

Representatives from many different departments of Student Life were available, including Train Wu, an Merrimack College Graduate Fellow.

“I’m part of student life. I am a Merrimack College Graduate Fellow, doing my fellowship or internship here. My job is to help connect student with community resources that are not academic related,” said Wu. 

“For example, if someone needs housing or emergency shelter, they might not know how to navigate. So they can come to me or give me a call, and I’ll be able to direct them to, hopefully, the proper services. And I’ll be here until May of this coming year.”

“Don’t be afraid, my office is in the Lawrence campus right now, on the second floor next to the writing center. My room is 231A. Feel free to give me a call, or they can come here and talk to the counselor,” said Wu.

Donna Passamato, newly appointed President of Student Senate, was also present.

“We’re trying to get all the students and clubs together and have fun and have this be a good experience,” said Passamato. 

“We’re always here to help,” said Jasmine Polanco, another Student Senator.

“Well student life is really important. It’s really important that students get involved with something besides just going to class and doing homework,” said Stephanie Bryszkowski, head of Lawrence Student Engagement. 

“You’re supposed to have fun in college too … but, the reason we do this is to make sure everyone knows that there is a student life here and that we have clubs and organizations, we have student government association, we have varsity athletics, and we have a gym that you can work out in for free.” 

Sue MacAvoy, head of Athletics at NECC, talked to students about sports related activities they could get involved with.

“We do have are Varsity athletics program. Student athletes need to be full-time students, so it is a time commitment, but it’s very rewarding,” said MacAvoy. 

“They can be a part of a team, make friends, travel throughout New England and be very successful. It really is almost like a four year college feel here in the amount of things that students can do.”

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