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Lawrence has a new testing center

Michaud (left) and Bertolino (right) stand in the new Lawrence testing center.

Lawrence campus has a new testing center, better equipped to handle students and now offering walk-in testing.

Donna Bertolino, Assistant Dean of Academic Support Services, and Louise Michaud, Assessment officer at the Lawrence Testing Center, were two of the driving forces behind the new testing center.

“I think the biggest thing we want students to know is that we now have walk-in testing [in Lawrence]. All of the time that we’ve had academic assessments in Lawrence, it has been by appointment only. We’ve tried our best. We’ve had one evening per week for all of these years, but appointment based. We’ve only had eight computers, and it’s been very difficult with appointments. So, we now have walk-in testing,” said Bertolino.

The new Lawrence testing center can be found at L-135.

The new testing center offers expanded hours, more staff, walk-in testing, twenty computers and more flexibility on when students can test.

The new testing center is a big improvement over the old center, which only had eight computers and appointment-based testing.

“Sometimes our schedule was so full they’d have to wait a full two weeks. And travelling to the Haverhill campus, a lot of times, was an issue for our students,” said Michaud.

“Right now, Lawrence is testing about 1300 in a year,” said Bertolino.

Hours for Lawrence campus testing can be found at