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Taylor Robin has her eyes on the prize

By Nicholas Mazzone

People hate working out, and can never keep up with it. They start working out and then quit a week after. What if the key to working out was social media? One fitness fanatic who uses social media to push her to keep working out and keep her eyes on the prize is Taylor Robin, a student at NECC. Taylor is fitness fanatic. She loves to working out and helping inspire people to do the same.

Robin grew up in Massachusetts her whole life. She was born on June 23, 1994 in Lawrence General with her two parents, Charlene and Tim Traynor from Methuen, Mass. She attended Timony Grammar School in Methuen, Mass.

While she was in middle school, she played softball, basketball, cross country, and she was also a cheerleader. She also did many other activities in middle school such as chorus and theater.

Robin graduated from middle school in 2008 and then attended Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Mass. While she was there, she enjoyed making new friends and also played multiple sports. She was a three year varsity cheerleader for the Raiders. She then graduated from there in 2012 and started her transition from high school to college.

After high school, Robin decided to attend NECC to help her figure out what she wanted to do in life. She is currently a student studying multimedia and hoping one day to become a big time movie producer.

While attending NECC, Robin became a fitness fanatic and has fallen in love with working out. Working out makes her feel good and helps her motivate herself to become a better person.

“I work out to become a better person, and make myself grow and become a better individual,” said Robin.

Robin looks to friends and social media for motivation. The biggest part that helps her go to the gym every day is social media. Social media plays in a big role for Robin. She has been following fitness blogs for pretty much her whole life and has always thought it would be cool to have one of her own. So one day she decided to create one, to help her achieve her workout goals.

Robin started her blog to help her motivate herself and push her to workout. She posts pictures of her daily workout, the calories she burned and her time. She does this every day to help her motivate herself and show that people can do it if they put the work into it.

Chelsea Flanagan, a student at NECC, is Taylor’s best friend and always pushes Robin to go the gym. Robin works out every day with her friends Flanagan and Nodine Webster, another student at NECC. They run and do all their workouts together.

Flanagan loves how Robin posts her workouts to social media all the time. She feels inspired by her. Flanagan said, “by posting pictures on social media it helps inspire others and also helps you stay on track and finish your workout every day, social media is great for the fitness world.”

Social media has been benefiting fitness world for many years now. Many people now have blogs to help motivate people and push them to work out. Many people struggle with trying to work out every day, but if you log onto a social media site, there is plenty of inspiration all around.

“Seeing others post pictures helped me motivate myself to do the same,” said Robin.

Robin saw all her social media friends posting work out videos and pictures of all of them getting into shape and she thought, that can be her one day. She then decided to create an account on Instagram, in which people can follow her progress, and watch her workout.

Students can follow her progress on Instagram at @trobinfitness.

NECC student Connor Emo is impressed with Robin’s progress. He sees her in the gym an said, “she’s a hard worker, and she’s in the gym all the time.”

Social media is key to working out, according to Robin.

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