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NECC baseball players talk sports and school

Have you ever thought of joining a sports team here at Northern Essex? Think you wouldn’t have time to juggle classes, work and a sport? Wrong! The students on the NECC baseball team beg to differ.

Baseball is an all American sport. Here’s some of the NECC baseball players giving their opinion on college sports:

Ryan Mcauliffe:
Playing baseball since the age of 5
2 year pitcher at NECC
“Gets you in the right direction for college , it has a nice set schedule but is strict.”

Harrison Smoske:
Playing baseball since the age of 1
1 year center at NECC
“Gets you involved , it’s somewhat strict although sometimes it is tough with work.”

Jake Rogers:
Playing baseball since the age of 1
3 year 1st basemen at NECC
“Helps with school, and you got to keep your grades up because its strict.”

Zarif Pajazetovic
# 28
Playing baseball since the age of 7
2 year pitcher at NECC
“It gives you something to do through the semester.”

Ryley Wannock
Playing baseball since the age of 3
2 year shortstop at NECC
“You have to keep your grades up and be responsible.”

Mac Singleton
Playing baseball since the age of 3
2 year 2nd basemen at NECC
“You get a great experience being on the team.”

Coach Jeff Mejia, who has been coaching the team for 3 years now, said the advantage of students playing in a college atmosphere rather than in high school is that “many students tend to be more focused in the classroom when playing a college sport, as their time is limited, so they tend to get their assignments and studying done sooner than later.”

NECC is a great segue for the players to move on to four-year schools.

A lot of the players mentioned how it can be strict being on a college team.

“We as an athletic department work very well with the registration and advising center to help all our athletes excel in and out of the classroom,” said Mejia.

The team is alike a family. The way the coaches and the players interact with each other really shows their love for the game.