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Massachusetts legalization of marijuana

By Duane Sherman On Nov. 6, 2012, the voters of Massachusetts approved the legal use of medicinal marijuana, yet there still is not one dispensary open. Why? Question 3 passed...
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Texting in class can be a distraction

By Rachel Sarcione Although many NECC professors request that students refrain from using their electronic devices during class, texting and social media continue to be a...
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NECC students share opinions on Ferguson

By Emily Marsden On Aug. 9, Officer Wilson shot and killed unarmed Michael Brown after a confrontation in a Ferguson street. The shooting triggered protests that went on for...
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End of semester blues

By Eduardo Souza To students, the end of the semester can feel like a mixed blessing. On one side, it’s almost over. Students are almost done and winter break is coming. However,...
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GSA holds trans awareness workshop

On Friday, Nov. 21 the NECC Gay Straight Alliance held a trans awareness workshop. Three students spoke to educate students, staff and faculty about the issues they face every...
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Romantic Violin and Piano Concert at NECC

By Jessica Freeman On Monday, Nov. 24, at 5:30 p.m. NECC held a concert, “Romantic Violin and Piano” on the Haverhill Campus in Building C, Lecture Hall A. The music was...
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