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Texting in class can be a distraction

By Rachel Sarcione

Although many NECC professors request that students refrain from using their electronic devices during class, texting and social media continue to be a distraction during lectures and exams.

“I feel bad for the professors,” said NECC student Melissa Dow, 37. “They spend all that time preparing lessons and then people are texting the whole time.”

Social media can be fun. However, it is social grace that could be the deciding factor in landing your dream-job.

Laurie Yennaco, 48, a salon owner said, “the time for good ethics is before you enter the workplace.”

Yennaco has employed more than 20 stylists and said she “has never seen a stylist stop cutting hair to return a text” because her employees keep their phones in the break area.

“Texting in class is ignorant to the people that want to learn,” said Bruce Augustonavich, a returning NECC graduate. “It’s rude the person teaching.”

Unfortunately, the classroom is not the only campus location where social media is disturbing NECC students and staff. The library has computers available for students to do research and writing assignments. However, some students are using the computers for purposes other than academics.

“It’s difficult not to be distracted,” said Gail Stuart, Head of Research Services at NECC’s Bentley Library. “It’s important to focus on one thing when you’re trying to absorb information.”