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Meet Travis Barrett

For many high school graduates, living away from home for college is a fresh start, or a free pass from parents. Many college freshman meet new friends, join different clubs, sports teams and make connections that will last a lifetime. For NECC Journalism and Communication student Travis Barrett, it took going off to college to realize what he wanted to strive for in the future.

Twenty-one year old Barrett is a resident of Haverhill, Mass. and is a graduate of Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School. He was accepted and attended Framingham State University for two years as a business major. He found there was a certain depth to the business world. Although as he continued his education in business, it wasn’t all it seemed to be.

“I learned there was a lot of manipulation and opinions. I did not like that aspect of it at all,” said Barrett.
As time went on he withdrew himself from Framingham State to attend NECC as a General Studies major. He did not like being a business major, and did not know what he wanted to do as a career in the future.

Many students in their first years of college have no clue as to what they want to do in the future. It is highly common with the pressures of finding a job after earning a degree. Many fear what the future may bring– living up to adult responsibilities like paying bills and living independently is intimidating to some.

“I should have went to community college first. I wasn’t quite ready for the four year plan,” said Barrett.
He doesn’t regret any of the time spent at Framingham State. It helped shape and motivate him toward a future he wanted.

“I wouldn’t take back the time spent at Framingham because of the friendships I made there. We’re still friends today,” said Barrett.

Barrett has been with NECC for three semester now including the Spring of 2015. He was a General Studies major for his first semester at NECC, to get grounded and figure out his interests.

While attending NECC, he works at Dunkin Donuts. He balances work and classes, like most community college students.
“One day I was working drive-thru, and a customer said I had an awesome voice and that it would be great for radio, which was really cool,” said Barrett.

A simple compliment from a customer helped inspire Barrett to really think about what he’d enjoy doing in the future.
“I watch and listen to a lot of music and sports radio. The idea kind of morphed into one. I wouldn’t mind sitting around 2 or 3 guys debating, talking and throwing opinions back and forth. I do that everyday,” said Barrett.
It took Barrett one semester to decided getting into sports radio was the right fit for him. Going into the Fall semester of 2014, Barrett switched his major to Journalism and Communication.

He also enrolled in the fairly new co-operational internship program at NECC. Barrett applied to CBS Radio to work with 98.5 The Sports Hub for the Felger and Mazz show with the help of Amy Callahan and Ashley Braggar who help run the program.