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NECC Students and Transfering

By Erica Croteau

NECC provides a full advising staff who are in constant contact with many of the four year colleges and universities within Massachusetts and in surrounding states. These staff members assist in the basic legwork that gives students knowledge about the transferring process.

Sarah Parsons, current liberal arts major here at NECC said, “the transferring process intimidates me because I’m unsure of all the information other colleges will need, and how long the process will actually take from start to finish.”

While the transferring process is one with numerous steps and fine details, NECC students have the opportunity to use resources such as the PACE transfer program to figure out what his or her next step is.

PACE or Pathways to Academic & Career Excellence, offers a transfer advising program to all NECC students. From college visits to applications, advisors offer individualized academic and transfer advising plans.

Some students, including future student Emma McElroy, have not been aware that such programs exist on the NECC campus.
McElroy said, “I have never heard of the PACE transfer program. But the fact that they offer help and guidance through the whole process is extremely comforting – knowing that a trained professional is right by your side puts my mind at ease.”
With the intensity and weight that comes along with transferring, students carry a certain amount of anxiety and stress that is lessened by the services and help offered at NECC.

Whether transferring to an instate or out of state university or college, the feelings of being anxious and the rush of excitement makes for a journey that leaves college students feeling ready for a switch.

Business transfer, Hannah Latham, said, “I started at NECC after [I] withdrew from a previous college, just two days before I was supposed to move back in. So I really just want to find somewhere I would like to stay for the rest of my college years.”

With the spring semester coming to a close in just a few short months, students have the opportunity to take advantage of resources such as PACE in order to make their next academic move.

To search possible transfer opportunities, visit or visit an advisor at either the Haverhill or Lawrence campuses.