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Alzheimer’s Angels

NECC student Robert Scarelli and his sister Casey are on a mission to fight Alzheimer’s. He founded a facebook page and twitter dedicated to “Alzheimer’s Angels,” a fundraiser similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge.

“We came up with the idea that differentiates us from the ice bucket challenge where it’s like more of a summer thing,” said Scarelli.

The Alzheimer’s Angels facebook page, located at, says, “simply get outside take a picture or video of you making a snow angel and nominate five friends. If you do it we ask you donate $10 and if not $100! Have fun.”

“Participants in Alzheimer’s Angels make snow or sand angels when tagged,” said Scarelli. “We started doing the angels in the snow, but we think we can do it all year round because they can do it in the beach, in the sand and stuff. We’ve gotten people from California that we know who are doing the beach.”

“Me and my sister came up with this idea for Alzheimer’s because our grandmother currently has Alzheimer’s,” said Scarelli. We started seeing signs when she was 58 years old. And at the age of 60, when she was diagnosed, and now she’s 64, she needs around-the-clock care, so we started up this facebook page, which has got 336 likes over three weeks … and we started it up as awareness for Alzheimer’s to try to raise money for a cure.”

Links to donate can be found on the facebook page, as well as the twitter @angelsforalz

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