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Day vs. Night Classes

By Kyle Benson

NECC does not only offer classes during the daytime — they also offer classes later at night for people whose schedules do not fit school during the day.

“I like night classes because I have to work in the day now, but I do miss my buds from when I was going to classes during the day,” said Matt Faia.

Faia, a former day school student, finds that students in his classes with full time jobs agree with him.

Classmate Greg Komornick said, “It really is helpful for me in my life right now. Things get hectic during the day, so I have to come at night.”

Night classes offer some of the same classes as during the day.

“I see a lot of the same classes going on here at night that were going on during the day a few semesters ago,” Faia said. “It has the same feel minus the social aspect.”

Students can sign up for night classes the same as they do for the day. In most cases, there are less days students have to come to school but with longer classes.

“The longer classes are worth it,” said Faia. “I’m definitely on the right track to getting my degree.”​