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NECC’s Music Club is Ready to Expand

The Music Club at NECC performs music at the college for the community. According to the college website, the club creates informational music activities such as jam sessions, caroling and viewing educational music videos. Exploring the current music technology, budget and hanging around talking about music makes this club a fun place to be.

Dr. Ken Langer, Music Department Director, says, “The Music Club is beneficial to anyone who has an interest in playing or listening to music.”

Jennifer Weiss, General Studies, Music Option, 20, is President of the club and serves for the full school year. Other positions in the club include Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Weiss said, “Our main goal is to improve the music department and grow as a whole. We want to inspire people to play and enjoy all the different aspects of music!”

Lindsey Michaud, 20, General Studies, Music Option, is Vice President of the club. This year, they have talked more about how to raise money for the music department. “We talk about how we can use that money to make improvements and how we can inform incoming students of the unique program we have at NECC.” said Michaud.

The way the club operates is completely up to the participants. “They drive the agenda and the activities,” said Langer.

Amanda Clooney, a Music and Business Major, 20, said, “The Music Club is to get people that are and are not music students to talk about what they like about music, what they want to happen in the future for the department and where they want to go with music.”

Weiss, as president, has learned how much responsibility it takes to be a leader.
“I also learned that everyone depends on you to take care of business and problems. I learned to step up and be responsible,” said Weiss.

Michaud said, “The club started in the spring, 2014. Dr. Langer told us about it during class so I decided to stay and see what it was about. Other music majors and non music majors are in the club and anyone can join no matter what their major, as long as they are an NECC student or employee.”

Clooney says her trip into the music club wasn’t exactly planned. “I knew about the club when the advisor, Professor Langer, mentioned the idea of starting one at the beginning of the spring 2013 semester, but I didn’t join until the third meeting by accident when I showed up to my following class early.”

“I love being able to meet with other people who share similar interests and goals. I enjoy the opportunity to leave an impression with this school even after I’ve graduated. It’s just another activity to do with my friends at school and we have a lot of fun with it,” Michaud said.

The music club meets at 1 p.m. every other Thursday, and all students from any major can attend.