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Teacher Evaluations

By Kyle Benson

There are many different ways to evaluate teachers today. There are websites like, and, but the one way schools, including NECC, crack down on how students feel about teachers is
the end of the semester teacher evaluation sheets. This is a good tool, but do students take the evaluation seriously?

“When they hand those sheets out, it usually is at the end of class, and I just want to get home,” said Greg Komornick. “If I like a teacher I’ll fill out the sheet with all 5’s, and if I don’t like them, I’ll just fill out the whole sheet with the lowest number.”

Many students agree with Komornick. They would like to just get home at the end of the day and not fill out sheets that don’t concern themselves. There are others that take the evaluations seriously however.

“I take filling out the evaluations seriously,” said Mike Bilodeau. “They reflect upon how students feel the teacher is doing and lets the school know whether they are doing good or bad.”

These evaluation sheets and evaluation websites are important for teachers. It affects their jobs and whether or not student will sign up for their classes. If students don’t take the evaluations seriously, it could really end up negatively affecting a professor. These sheets and websites are there to rate a professor on individual parts of their jobs and then averaging the results out to have a better look at what they need to work on.