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Students Prepare for a Bright Future at NECC

As the spring semester of 2015 draws to a close, it is also the end of many students’ time at NECC, and the beginning of new exciting adventures for those graduating and moving onward with their academic careers.

One of those students is Molly Fitzgerald, a communications major. Fitzgerald plans on attending Salem State University to get a bachelor’s degree in communications.

One of Fitzgerald’s most inspiring experiences was her internship last spring semester with Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Northern New England.

“I actually put the franchise on Facebook. [I liked] the experience itself, and I kinda found out what I wanted to do. I realized I wanted to go into PR (public relations) and communications.”

As with all experiences, there are good times, as well as trying times. Often a particular subject or teaching style can come along for students that pushes them to succeed despite a difficulty.

“My environmental issues course was really hard, and so was my statistic course, but other than that it was really easy. The professors weren’t really my teaching style per se, so it was kind of difficult to grasp what we were learning,” said Fitzgerald.

Her plans for the future are to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communications, with a concentration in public relations.

Fitzgerald urges students who either want to go to school or go back to school to consider NECC as a great first step, especially if they don’t know what they want to do.

“I went to two private schools before this, and I am one of those people who fell into the huge holes of student debt and I came to NECC, and I had to start all over, but I actually found what major I wanted, and I kind of found who I was as a person. (It’s) definitely a good starting school if you’re not sure what you want to do,” said Fitzgerald.

The overall experience for Fitzgerald has been a positive and motivating one, and her future is looking bright.

“(My experience was) really good. I think that the professors and the teachers are some of the best around, and you’re going to get the same education here that you would get anywhere else.”
Another student who will be moving on to pursue bigger dreams is baseball star Ryan Mcauliffe, business major.

He plans on going to St. John’s University in Queens, NYC to play baseball. Some of his most cherished memories include going to the world series with the Knights and receiving first team All-Region.
“Winning obviously, and just hanging out. It’s a beautiful place we got here,” said Mcauliffe. There were some struggles too — he was enrolled in seven classes this past semester.

“Well, obviously this past semester I’m in 22 credits, over the summer I had to take 12 credits, last spring I had to take 18 credits so I mean obviously classes here have been a struggle,” said Mcauliffe.
Mcauliffe, like Fitzgerald, also recommends students to NECC. “It’s good to get your grades up. Out of high school I had like a 2.4 GPA, and to pass the clearinghouse to play division 1 I had to come here. My GPA now is a 3.0. So, I mean obviously coming here you save money, you get a good 2 year degree. The baseball is very good,” said Mcauliffe.

Mcauliffe anticipated a rougher ride on his two year degree pursuit, but he has made it.

“Honestly (the programs were) pretty good. I thought it was going to be a lot tougher … but I mean, it helped me manage my time with baseball and school. Taking all those classes helped me manage time well. I thought I did pretty good here,” said Mcauliffe.

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