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Benefits of the Tutoring Center

Lynne Nadeau, the Director of Tutoring Services at NECC, says the Tutoring Center is a great place to come if you’re having trouble with your classes.

“The center is a great resource for students who may need extra help in many different subjects such as math, science, writing, reading, business, computer science and accounting,” she said. “It offers English as a Second Language help, which is excellent if you’re a student who needs help learning the English language or a student who just wants to sharpen their English skills … the ESL Center can provide you with the help you need.”

Students who are concerned with paying a fee for all the services that the tutoring center has to offer need not worry. The services are free for all NECC students.

The tutors helping students are all qualified and professional. They consist of professional tutors, faculty from NECC and even students. The students at the Tutoring Center help their peers succeed in classes that they themselves have excelled at.

Becoming a student tutor has some benefits. First, you get paid for your tutoring services, which can be extra income for students who need some money. Second, you get to help students who are currently struggling with a class and make a difference in their academics. However, it is important to mention that the writing center consists of professional tutors only, no peer tutors.  Students who are interested in tutoring can speak to Nadeau — her office is located in the C building, C200A.

Students who don’t have time to come by the tutoring center but are currently enrolled in online classes can also access the benefits of the tutoring center. Smarthinking is an online tutoring service, with access to all the same resources found at the NECC campus.

Margaret Pothier, an NECC faculty member who works in the Tutoring Center, offers advice about the best time to take advantage of services.

“It can get busy in here. The best time to come by is mid-morning, around 10 or 11 a.m.”

The tutoring center’s schedule varies depending on the subject or amount of faculty available, so make sure that you check the times the center is open on the website.

NECC’s Lawrence campus also has a tutoring center as well. The center in Lawrence was recently expanded as part of a larger campus renovation.

“Students who want to avoid the crowd at the Lawrence Tutoring Center should go during the day, as it gets busier at night,” said Pothier.

“By coming into the Tutoring Center, you receive help from knowledgeable people and have the chance to improve greatly as a student,” said Joe Scascitelli, a faculty member who works in the math lab.  “There is an open door policy at the tutoring centers. Students who come in will be in a comfortable, laid back environment and be helped by experienced tutors with strong knowledge in their subject areas.”