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Knights Basketball Ready to Go

The Knights basketball team’s season starts on November 3rd at NHTI, which means they have little time to improve their play if the hope to build upon their losing 12-16 season last year.

They put a very young team on the court last season only having 2 sophomores on the roster. This meant growing pains for a team with little to no chemistry because they were mostly all new to the team. Sophomore, Matt Jameson believes the team can make great strides this upcoming season.

“This year we have a lot more guys returning so we will have more experience so that will help and we just need to continue to focus on defense and the offense will come along with that,” Jameson said.

Jameson also talked about his goals for the season.

“My goals are to help lead the team to a winning season, make the playoffs, improve all the parts of my game from last year, and hopefully win a championship.”

It will be a tough task for the team to make the playoffs, but Jameson is very confident in the Knights. Athletic Director, Sue MacAvoy is also confident in the team and is confident in Jameson.

“Matt (Jameson) is a good player, I think he’ll be a good leader on the court this year,” MacAvoy said.

Another thing the Knights have going for them is familiarity with their coach, Darren Stratton. For most of the players it will be their second year under Stratton, but Stratton has been around coaching the Knights basketball team for 17 years.

“Coach Stratton is a great coach, he knows a lot about the game. He is also a great guy that does a lot for his players,” Jameson said.

MacAvoy also had much praise for the coach.

“I put him into the head coaching role, and he’s done a phenomenal job here. He truly cares about his players. He cares for them like a family and he is just an extremely hard worker,” MacAvoy said. She made sure to highlight that he truly does care for the players on his team.

The Knights have a lot of work to do but with some hard work, effort, a leader like Jameson, and a coach like Coach Stratton, they can do some big things this season.


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