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HC Media gives future NECC podcasters a space on the air

By Thomas Matatall, Correspondent

NECC will soon see podcasters begin recording at HC Media as hosts and co-hosts of their own show. Pre-production will be starting in November.

There will be four podcasts, each having a main topic, consisting of sports, overcoming life obstacles, race and uncomfortable subjects.

Each podcast will be a length of 30 minutes.

An episode may have a guest speaker who will add their own point of view to that episode’s discussion.

For those who don’t know what a podcast is, it is basically a radio show.

It’s a recording of the hosts conversing back and forth. There’s an editor to make it all fit into one episode neatly and add music and jingles.

You can find each show on iTunes and through podcast apps on your phone.

At the first meeting at HC Media, students went around the table and shared what their podcasts were going to be about.

Also in the room were Amy Callahan, program coordinator of the Journalism/Communication department; Executive Director Darlene Beal; Director of Operations Matt Belfiore; and Radio Coordinator Shawn Smith. Smith will be helping out most with all the podcasters.

Expect for conversations to get emotional, controversial, depressing, harsh and fun.

The benefit of having a podcast is to get insight on topics that people are usually afraid to talk about with one another. And remember: it’s OK to disagree with what you’re listening to.

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