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Fair held to showcase student artwork

By Alyssa Torres


Students in the Sculpture I elective course displayed their art in the Spurk lobby Thursday, Dec. 10 from noon to 5 p.m. Students were there to engage with others and describe the art they created this semester.

Student J. Saul Joubert said he enjoyed the class because it gave him the opportunity to display his artistic and creative side. “It challenged us to use three materials in one.”

Professor Dianne Pappas centered the course on the materials plaster, wood and metal. These materials could be mixed for some of the projects and limited for others.

The diverse sculptures at the fair featured three themes: multiples, legacy and failure.

Another member of the class, Natasha Sorenson, displayed her “legacy” sculpture that took quite a bit of time to create. She made a large turtle out of plaster, crafting the shell out of wooden shingles that were cut and pieced together.

“The first project was really hard because we couldn’t use glue,” Sorenson said.

The concept of the projects and the nature of the materials was a challenge for the students. This struggle forced the students to really think and make choices that would further their creativity.

This is the first semester this course was offered at NECC. Sculpture I is a second level course in three-dimensional foundations also taught by Pappas.