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‘Batman v. Superman’ a painful film experience

★ (out of four stars) Remember when superhero movies used to be fun? Wait, wait, wait. Before you make any assumptions, let me be the first to say that I have no problem with DC...
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Student aspires to be art therapist

Kim Whiting: Editor-In-Chief | NECC Observer By: Emily Marsden, Correspondent Helen Shiepe, 22, is an art student at NECC aspiring to combine her interests in both the arts and...
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Class of 2016: The countdown begins

The countdown to graduation has begun. The NECC Alumni Office kicked off the countdown with a “50 Knights ‘til Graduation” celebration on March 29. Soon-to-be alumni and friends...
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Trending now: thrift stores galore

Although NECC campuses have been coated with fresh snow on this first week of April, students can’t deny that one of the best parts about spring is shopping for a new wardrobe....
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The Observer is a space for every student voice

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asked (at least three times) why we ran Dan Potocki’s scathing letter to the editor in the March 9 issue. My answer each time has been the...
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Math professor holds to traditional family values

Kim Whiting: Editor-In-Chief | NECC Observer By Sarah Colpitts Correspondent Sujatha Thiruvengadathan Content goes here , known to students and faculty as “Sue” and by her family...
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