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A Jitters Thank You

One of NECC’s own, Melissa Merrill, who works in the Jitter’s cafeteria, would like to send an immense thank you to the faculty and staff for their wonderful donations that her and her boyfriend, Jesse Downs, have received since 2013.
Back in August of 2013, Merrill received horrific news that her boyfriend Downs was jumped and beaten nearly to death. Thankfully he didn’t end up losing his life, although sadly he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. After the diagnosis, the two of them were told the troubling news that he may never walk again and that he must eat all his meals through a tube.
Since then he has been making steady progress where he’s starting to walk again and hopefully will be walking more in the future.
Merrill is especially grateful to Maggie Lucey of administration and the Pace Program for their continued donations over the years. Their continued complimentary support does not go thankless. From money to gift card donations every holiday season it is too much for Merrill to put into word for how grateful she and Downs are. Not only has it been just money, but it has been the sustained clothes and food drive year in and year out that has helped out in a substantial way.
Merrill is shocked and overwhelmed by the support she receives from the campus. “It all started by word of mouth,” Merrill says on how the donations started. Every year she think’s it will stop, but “every year they just keep coming.” She had no idea how to say a thank you because the support was coming from so many areas it was tough to reach every corner. So she had the idea to ask the Observer if this could be her ally to say thank you to everyone.
Don’t think she forgot about the students to, she is just as grateful to them and the continued support they show from just having a little chat in the morning before an 8 a.m.. She recognizes that everyday and appreciates the love and generosity the students and faculty give each semester.