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Science Club

Welcome to the S.C.I.E.N.C.E club, advised by Professsor Sarah Courchesne and Dr. Mark Clements, provides students with a chance to explore the outdoors and has any interests in science. Courchesne informed us of the basic questions and answers for students interested.

Who should join the SCIENCE club?
Anyone with a professional interest in science, or interests in the outdoors, hiking, overnight camping, or any science lovers in general. It’s really open to anyone.

When you do you guys meet? Where?
The SCIENCE club meets officially on the first Wednesday of every month, to plan ideas. But events are all scattered throughout, and anyone can participate in those.

What do you do as a club?
The club helps scientists gather data out in the field. They do overnight hiking trips, day hiking trips, outdoor trips and activities. They also do dissection labs.

Why the SCIENCE club?
It’s a low commitment. You join and get on an e-mail list, provided with events and such for the club. Then you choose whether or not you want to go or participate in the club activities. It’s all up to you.
If you want to join the SCIENCE club, please contact Sarah Courchesne,