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Students need to be proactive about future

Like many other students who plan on continuing their education after receiving a degree from Northern Essex, I participated in last Friday’s Haverhill transfer day.
After this semester, I’ll have fulfilled all my degree requirements and plan to move on to finish my Bachelors Degree in journalism.
However, it didn’t quite hit me until this event that in two short months my time at NECC will come to a close.
When walking into the Hartleb Technology Center’s auditorium, I was met with dozens of tables with seemingly endless flyers, brochures, and business cards advertising multiple universities from numerous states.
It was so exciting to peruse all the tables, learn about the different colleges and talk to some administrators, but it was also nerve wracking thinking about how all my upcoming homework assignments and exams I have to do in addition to to submitting all of my transfer applications,recommendations, and transcripts while the November 1st deadline rapidly approaches.
A lot of students I’ve spoken with during my time studying at Northern Essex can’t seem to wait until they’re finished with their associates degrees.
Of course I can relate, but I’m also so thankful for the time I’ve spent learning her as well.
Although I can’t wait to further my knowledge and skills at a four year school, I also can’t help but think about how I’ll miss Northern Essex.
When I first started here three semesters ago, I had so many expectations for what it would be like to attend a community college.
Of course once I actually experienced taking classes here, all those preconceived notions were shattered.
I felt like it would be too hard to find friends, do things I enjoyed on campus all while staying on track with my studies and balancing my job and personal life.
Although sometimes it feels like I stretch myself too thin between all of these aspects of my life, I’ve managed to create the time for all of them.
I’ve become so used to my routine here at NECC, it’s finally dawning on me that soon I’ll have to begin again at a university. The thought of this brings up both feelings of excitement as well as anxiety.
It’s times like these when I have to remind myself that although it might be hard to move on, it’s also a sign that I’m moving forward and getting closer to accomplishing my goals no matter how hard it might be to get there.
It feels ominous now, but I know there’s no sense in worrying because once I begin my studies at a new school everything will eventually fall into place like they did when I began my first semester at Northern Essex.
Earlier in the semester, I was talking to a professor who stressed the importance of being smart during the transfer process.
Of course, I’ve done my best to talk to my advisor and get as much support as I need, he mentioned that other students aren’t as knowledgable when it comes to the pathway to furthering their education.
I’ve even met students, who’ve mentioned in passing that they don’t even know who their advisor is.
This made it clear to me that in addition to transfer events, students need to be proactive when it comes to determining their future if they choose to move on to a four year university.
With such a wide array of choices and options the possibilities seem endless, but it’s easy to get bogged down by all the requirements you have to fulfill in addition to completing regular assignments if students aren’t getting the support they need.
So I encourage my fellow students who are graduating after this semester or in Spring 2017 to look past the daunting application process, the fear of having to start anew somewhere else, and the overall stress of making the transition from community college to a four year school.
I know it’s hard to pick up and start fresh again at a new school, but it’s important to keep in mind the new opportunities you’ll have as well as cherishing the old memories you’ve made while attending Northern Essex.