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The story remains the same

Plenty of haymakers have been thrown but none of them are connecting.  Watching the second presidential debate reminded me of one thing.  A tired pair of overweight boxers trying desperately to knock each other out with one massive punch and looking terribly un-athletic while doing it.  Neither have the makeup of a politician let alone a president. Both sides are attacking each other’s character with almost no mention of the real issues. By most accounts Donald Trump won the second debate barely, after Hillary Clinton won the first. However, she remains in the lead in the most recent polls.
Trump started the debate by bringing in women who he thought Hillary Clinton had either disrespected or ignored due to her husband’s mistakes, obviously attempting to attack her stance that she is and always will be for women.
Meanwhile all of the conversation going into the debate was based on sound bites that the media got their hands on of Donald Trump saying vulgar things over a decade ago, including on an Access Hollywood bus and on the Howard Stern show.
I find that extremely ironic to say the least. Not only was it over a decade ago, but the Howard Stern show was meant to be vulgar, the point of the show was to be as politically incorrect as possible. It also amazes me the Hillary Clinton side had to go back over ten years to find Trump saying something like that.  Maybe, it is just me, but it feels as though he has been saying things like that as recently as yesterday. Has anyone been paying attention the last 6 months? This is who Donald Trump is, neither the women he brought up on stage to embarrass Clinton or the sound bite of him saying vulgar things should affect anyone’s decision at this point.  Neither should the debates at all.  The fact is that most Americans, including NECC students, have made up their minds and watch the debates for humor or entertainment only.  When I interviewed second year NECC student Ernest Ewusi about the second debate he had this to say, “I think at this point everyone knows who these people are. I watched all of the first debate when you asked me about that I was probably better informed, but I could only stand to watch a little of this one.  They just keep trying to tear down each other and never talk about anything else.”  That much is true, the debates this year resemble more of a reality TV show and many students shared the frustration of not being able to take it.

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