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Connection on campus

Neec is looking to expand its online courses

Students say online classes are the future of schooling. Flexibility and a straightforward

course schedule is the main draw for many NECC students. And there’s nothing better than learning in your pajamas.​ ​Many students like a mix of both on campus and online classes. Sophia Marcus, communications major, prefers both, “I like half and half so I only have to go to NECC twice a week and have more time to work. I like taking math courses online the most because I can use apps and people to help me do the assignments.”

Some teachers don’t advocate for online learning. “The dropout rate is higher for online classes,” says Ginger Hurajt who taught an online poetry class, “Without facing the instructor, you’re more likely to not do the work.” NECC’s online catalog allows students to be enrolled at the school and graduate without stepping foot on campus. Even though online classes aren’t a new concept, they seem to be growing in popularity.

There’s an unfortunate side to online learning. Students are starting to find flaws in Blackboard. “I dislike that it’s more difficult to ask questions and have things further explained that you don’t understand,” Sophia Marcus adds. It can be frustrating trying to find clarification on problems you come across. Latiny Ke, liberal arts major, says “The way you’re graded on Blackboard is different than in person. It can be confusing trying to navigate. Discussions are not very genuine”.

Teaching styles and approaches are always changing so you’re bound to find an online class that’ll work for you. NECC hopes to add more specialized programs and courses in the upcoming semesters.