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Midterm Madness

Students share their opinions on upcoming elections

As we all know, the midterm congregational, state and local elections are quickly approaching on November 6. These elections in particular have stirred up nationwide conversations, primarily encouraging Generation Z to get out and vote. After speaking to a handful of current students at Northern Essex, they express their thoughts on the upcoming election.

Biology major Yexis Hechavarria, is 22 and currently a sophomore. She expressed that she is not currently registered to vote considering she just became a citizen, therefore she can not participate in the upcoming election. Hechavarria says, “unfortunately I’ve been so busy that I have not yet done research on the three ballot

graphic of a voting absentee ballotPhoto courtesy of

questions, but I am interested to find out what they are.” Hechavarria does believe it is important to vote and encourages others to do so.

Charles Pacheco, is a 20 year old Liberal Arts: Writing major and is also a sophomore on campus. He stated that he was not registered to vote and says, “I will not be voting in the upcoming election. The reason being my own personal biases.” Pacheco approached the matter with a unique viewpoint. “If I were to vote, I would be only voting from my own personal perspective, so I think it makes it difficult for me to vote for things that affect other people.” He also stated that he did not know the three ballot questions but “would be intrigued to hear what they are.” However, Pacheco makes an effort to express the importance of voting. “I do encourage other people to get educated and vote. I think Northern Essex does a good job of reminding people to register and vote. Maybe they could also start informing students what they will be voting for to help them out.”

Eighteen year old Mileichali Minaya is a freshman psychology major who has just recently registered to vote. Minaya revealed that she will be participating in this years election and says, I know of 2 of the 3 questions. I am interested in this years ballot questions, so I’m constantly trying to get people to show interest as well.”

Luis Arias 23, is a sophomore at Northern Essex studying Mechanical Engineering. He states that he is currently registered to vote and participated in the last presidential election. Arias says, “honestly, I wasn’t planning to vote on November 6. I personally am not big on politics, and haven’t done much research on what and who exactly we’re voting for. Arias was not aware of the three ballot questions, however expressed some interest upon receiving a short summary of each question. “I think the college has done well in encouraging students to vote. I’ve seen posters around campus reminding people about the upcoming election and registering to vote. As well as booths full of information and people to speak too and ask questions.”