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Technical error leads to student refunds on paper checks

Enrollment Services chose to give paper checks to emsure students got refunds promptly

Technical Error results in students receiving refunds on paper checks

            Due to a technical error, several student refunds were issued on paper checks this semester. Emails and Phone Calls were sent October 9, informing affected students of the change. The paper checks can/could be picked up from the Financial Aid Window on the first floor of the Student Center.

Over 1000 students were affected by the error, according to Alexis Fishbone, the associate dean of enrollment services.

“I expected a mad house of students waiting for their checks,” Susan Waterman, a writing major, said, “but it was only a handful of people, and it seemed to be really well organized.”

Enrollment Services chose to give the returns on paper checks to ensure that students received their returns promptly.

“We did not want students to have to wait,” Fishbone said.

Notification messages were sent to both school and personal emails on file for each student. Shortly following the emails, phone calls were made to all affected students.

The error itself occurred on the evening of Friday, Oct. 5. The error was discovered the next business day, and Enrollment Services was able to reach a solution to the problem by the end of the day.

Students appreciated the prompt response. “Even though it was an error, I honestly hope it happens again!” Waterman said.