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NECC partners with HC Media

Offering video field production class

Experience is everything for a college student. The partnership between NECC and HC Media, give Communication majors that and more. Offering a video field production class and a chance to create a podcast that is professionally produced by the members at HC Media; the partnership works as a resume builder for students.

With the video field production class taking place at the new Harbor Place location, the class gives you a sight of what your career could look like in the future. The class takes place on an official news set with a beautiful backdrop of the new harbor walkway. The tv station has used this setup for current and prior video packages for local television in Haverhill, Mass.

While students are getting hands-on experience behind and in front of the camera, they are also learning the art of editing their work. Former student of the class, Kiley Broadhurst talks about how she benefited from the class “the course has given me the opportunity to work hands-on in video production and editing, while also allowing me to gain experience in the field.”

If a student does not want to work with the visual side of journalism, they are still getting the practice in asking the right questions to make enticing and interesting stories as journalists.

“The Video Field Production class is a great jumpstart to your career…”
Deidre Darling

Students are also gaining intangible traits that will help them in all aspects of life. Confidence, for example,  is something that the students are going to be able to build and take with them throughout their career.

Whether it is in asking their interviewees questions or creating their own content.

NECC student Deidre Grant, says “The Video Field Production class is a great jump start to your career, especially if you want to go into social media.”

Grant, also known as Deidre Darling; a local YouTube star from Reading, Mass goes onto say “because of this class I will learn more about how to edit and be able to create better content for my viewers.”

Not every student who takes the course is going to have a YouTube channel or be a content creator.

Carney Woelfel found the course to be one of the more valuable ones he has taken in his career at Northern Essex.

“The class gives all communication majors a huge advantage. It’s like having an internship built into your curriculum, which is always helpful,” Woelfel said.

For the students who grow a liking or have an interest for the video production side of journalism, there are opportunities that go further than just the classroom portion at HC Media.

The staff members are always looking for volunteers from the class to help out on camera when creating content for the town of Haverhill and actually choose the top two students in the class and offer them a paid internship at the company.

The opportunities to get into video production and gain experience are endless for Communication majors at NECC.