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Study public speaking in Greece

New class trip offered to NECC students

The International studies office has created a new study abroad trip opportunity to Greece, for students at NECC. The trip will have a 14-day span: starting from May 24 to June 14 of 2019. The Study abroad trip will enable students the opportunity to hike the Mycenaean Ruins, visit Poseidon’s temple, swim in the Mediterranean Sea on a 2-day trip to the coast, Visit the Acropolis, explore connections between public speech today and roots of western civilization.

The trip requires student to meet for 4 Saturday classes before the trip departure. “This trip will feature Public Speaking, as Greece has a rich history surrounding the topic,” said Alicia Iola of the International Studies program. The trip fulfills public speaking (COM 111), communications, humanities, liberal arts and free elective courses. Alicia Iola said, “Currently we are still registering students for the Spring 2019 trip to Greece.”

The estimated cost for the trip is $3,600. Financial Aid can be applied to help cover the trip cost. For a student to participate in the trip, they must have an individual meeting with a financial aid counselor. Rosalba Conde, a NECC financial aid counselor, said that the financial aid that was applied to the course would travel with the student as well, but usually does not cover airfare. Conde also said, “related and outside scholarship of the program can be applied to trip.” If interested in looking for scholarships, students can search specific ones to study abroad with CEA. Their need-based scholarships, awards $500-$1,000 per student if deemed qualified.

When Interviewing students about the trip they were quick to say yes to the trip if the cost would be covered by financial aid and if other scholarships could help lower the cost of air fares. Student Katherine Garcia, 21, said that she would take the chance to travel to a new country; hesitant she wondered how that would happen with her work schedule. After giving it some more thought she confidently said, “If my job refuses to give me the days off, I would demand them.”

“If my job refuses to give me the days off, I would demand them.”

Katherine Garcia

Benny M. Cruz, 22, didn’t show interest in the trip and said, “I don’t know if this would be beneficial for me.” Cruz added “I am looking to get a certification in web design and web hosting, and I am not too crazy about school or traveling with people I don’t know.”

The study abroad trip is open to any NECC student that enrolls in the course. There will be other opportunities in the future for study abroad trips to different countries. The International studies office works together with NECC faculty members to create new ways to experiences courses. Iola said, “We have established relationships with third-party providers abroad and run popular trips multiple times.”