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Patriots keep winning

Patriots advance to 7-2 after beating Packers Sunday night

What many thought would be a difficult season for Tom Brady and the Patriots has turned around quickly. The Patriots lost two games in the early part of the season, but since then they have turned it around.

NECC student Jared Haynes said, “When will there be a season when Brady isn’t the GOAT?”

Jared Haynes said, “When will there be a season when Brady isn’t the GOAT?”

We all hear the broadcasters say “Tom Brady is 41, how is he still this good? Does the TB12 method actually work?” It’s no surprise that the Patriots are still winning. They have one of the best coaches the NFL has ever seen since Vince Lombardi.

Belichick has been in the coaching system since the 1970’s when he was with the Cleveland Browns.

He was taught well by former Patriots coach Bill Parcells in the Giants system. If you look at the coaching trees they have, Parcells and Belichick you will see that most of the coaches beside three (Andy Reid, Doug Pederson, Matt Nagy) have been part of Belichick and Parcells coaching tree. Belichick has been in the game of football since the 1970’s and he has adapted to the changes and various roles of players he has coached to make the Patriots become a powerhouse of the NFL.

It was the Sunday Night Football game on NBC where Tom Brady and the Patriots pulled out a win against the versatile offense of Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. It was close in the first half.

Haynes said “Many believed this was going down to the wire. If the Pats scored the Packers would answer in a hurry.”

The Packers lost a close one last week after former Packers running back and kick-off returner Ty Montgomery failed to take a knee and ran the ball after the kick-off then fumbled to ruin Rodgers chances to beat the Rams of  Los Angeles.

At the time the Rams were undefeated, every team in the NFL wanted to give them their first loss of the season. After the first half it was a close one, then the what happened last week to the Packers happened again.

Running back Aaron Jones fumbled the ball on a hand-off. It was a costly fumble and the Patriots capitalized on that mistake. Patriots won the game 31-17. James White was a big performer finishing with two touchdowns.

Next week the Patriots take on the Tennessee Titans on the road. Their coach is under the Belichick coaching tree and former linebacker for the Patriots, Mike Vrabel.

What should be an easy win for the Patriots may be a close one since Vrabel is running the team.

He was the Defense Coordinator in Houston. In recent years Houston’s defense was always tough on New England’s offense.

This game against the Titans their defense needs to stop Brady from getting into rhythm early. That game is set for 1:00pm and many people will be watching.

Hopefully the Patriots can become 8-2 and it will help them make the playoffs once again.

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