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Red Sox win World Series

Red Sox playoff record 11-3


The Boston Red Sox won the 2018 World Series against Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Sox won the four games they needed to clinch another championship title for the city of Boston. Rookie manager Alex Cora did his job, which is a phrase that is well used in the New England area. The team got the power hitting J.D. Martinez and also traded for the players that helped them win it all (Ian Kinsler and Steve Pearce). Though they traded and signed players they already had a dangerous roster to begin with (Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., David Price, Chris Sale). This roster was unbeatable, making the team go 119 through the regular season and the playoffs.

“It wouldn’t be series win if the Red sox didnt make you nervous”
Kevin Brown

The opponents this year were tough, each American League team they faced had over 100 wins. Their ALDS opponent were their rivals the New York Yankees. A best of five series where they only lost one game. Their series clinching out was something to celebrate for, former NECC student Kevin Brown said, “It wouldn’t be a series win if the Red Sox didn’t make you nervous.” The final out came after first baseman Steve Pearce had to dive just to make the catch after the throw from third baseman Eduardo Nunez was going into the dirt. The play had to go into review. After the umpires talked it out with the MLB headquarters the runner was ruled out and Boston knocked-out their rivals.

They headed into the ALCS against the heavy hitting Houston Astros who were the 2017 MLB World Series Champions. The series was much tougher than the one the Sox played against the Yankees. The Astros had a terrific infield and their pitching staff was favorable to win the series for them. They had the likely American League Cy Young winner Justin Verlander. This was another series that Boston only lost one game and it was at home. This proved that the Red Sox were a better road team. They closed out the series in Houston to a flyball in Left field to Andrew Benintendi. This was the first time that the Red Sox have made it to the World Series since 2013 where they faced and beat the St. Louis Cardinals.

The 2018 MLB World Series was set, Dodgers vs. Red Sox. The first game was set in Boston since the American League won the All-Star game giving the American League home field advantage.

The series featured two historic teams battling head-to-head where only one team can be crowned a winner.

From the last two series that Boston played they only lost one game and that was the same situation against Los Angeles. This time they lost on the road rather than losing at home. That was an 18 inning game and it was a walk-off homerun to first baseman Max Muncy. After that loss Boston won the next two to be crowned champions of the MLB.

Since 2004 where Boston broke the 86-year-old curse, they have won three more times (2007,2013, and 2018).

This win helped the debate making Boston the city of champions of all four major sports. At the beginning of the year everyone knew that the Red Sox had a great team that would make the playoffs but would have a tough time to advance to the World Series. Brown said, “I hate to say that I doubted them in spring training. I knew they had a great team, but we had a new manager.” Alex Cora took the reins of this team and led them to win another Commissioner’s trophy for the franchise and the city of Boston. We all hope to see what they can do next year. Fans are still celebrating this win and they should be for a long time.

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