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Dimitry work ongoing

Renovations continue on Lawrence campus

View of the exterior of the dimitry building, the vew is obstructed by a fencePhoto by Andy Montilla

View of the exterior work on the Dimitry Building on Northern Essex’s Lawrence Campus.


Renovations to the Dimitry Building on the Lawrence campus of NECC bgean in October in 2017. Located at 45 Franklin St., all renovations are set to be done in the month of March of 2019. Renovations include new windows, new siding, improvements to the parking lot, and a new landscaped outdoor space

NECC students are beyond excited as many students say  the Lawrence campus has already begun to look like more of a welcoming education center, with a more modern looking one stop center and bookstore on Common Street in Lawrence.

Communication major Victor Alcantara said the Dimitry Building previously didn’t offer much motivation for students “I think the renovations are great for the building, there wasn’t a whole lot to it,” he said. Alcantara goes onto say “I’m hoping when it’s done it will be a place students would actually like to have class in.”

Renovations include new windows, new siding, improvements to the parking lot, and a new landscaped outdoor space.

NECC students will not only be motivated to attend classes in Lawrence but also feel like this is a much needed accomplishment for Lawrence.

Ivelisse Matos, a Business major at NECC states “with everything that’s going on in Lawrence, it’s good that we will have a new building that students will take pride in. It’s good for Lawrence to be known for something better than tragedies and violence.”

Due to renovations, the entrance and exits of the Dimitry building were moved to the Common Street side of the building and the parking for the Lawrence campus have also been relocated. This has caused some confusion for students.

Patrick Bezanson, a first year Criminal Justice major takes most of his classes on the Lawrence campus and it has been a bit confusing for him. “Parking isn’t too bad but if you’re not from here or familiar with the area it can be frustrating,” he said. Although the temporary parking has annoyed Bezanson, he cannot wait for routine parking come next semester. “Hopefully, everything is done by the time that the website states (March 2019),” he said.

After the $6.5 million renovations are done, students will be more than motivated to take classes on the Lawrence campus and will also take pride in getting their education in a renovated and revitalized building.