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Padova’s presidential project

Professor elaborates on his upcoming book

Northern Essex’ very own, Professor Richard Padova is publishing his thrd book in 13 years, and has recruited a handful of NECC students to help him write it.

Padova says ,“My book will be about men and women who have unsuccessfully sought the presidency of the United States.”

Katherine Hailson, 21, Liberal Arts: Writing student is one of the students who has volunteered to work on the book.

“I think what really interests me in the topic of Professor Padova’s next book is getting the chance to delve deeper into how presidential campaigns have been run in our nation,” she said.

Hailson expressed that she’s worked and volunteered for local campaigns and says, “there is always much more at stake when it comes to national politics.”

Hailson hopes to gain more knowledge about presidential campaigns as well as improve writing and researching skills.

She also states the importance of trying to get involved with campaigns, so that people are aware of who they are representing, “A simple conversation goes a long way,” she says.

Dean Sheldon, 21, Information Technology major, is also helping Professor Padova create his book.

Professor Rich Padova standing in front of a cardboard stand with newspaper clippings attached to itCourtesy Photo

Professor Rich Padova

Sheldon found himself interested in the project because he likes writing during his free time.

Sheldon found out about Padova’s project through the Observer and quickly acquainted himself with Padova’s previous work. Although Sheldon is more of a sci-fi and fantasy writer, he emphasized that he wouldn’t mind trying to write something with a different approach and “walking away with more resources on where to research.”

Sheldon clarified that he is not particularly fond of current politics saying, “I actually tend to isolate myself from it, especially nowadays. But when it comes to historical politics, that’s a different story. Seeing how people lean politically and behave during different time periods is a very interesting subject.”

Sheldon hopes to gain more insight into human psychology during the research of this project.

Padova says, “Usually the losing candidates are forgotten about and sometimes never heard from again. I believe that they deserve to be brought to light, if for no other reason than the fact that for many of them, they gave up months from their lives to put themselves under a microscope developing a platform, enunciating their issues and trying to convince people why they had the skills and abilities to lead the country.” He also says that he has an “eclectic mix of candidates” that he is currently reviewing for possible inclusion in the book. These candidates vary from men, women, Democrats, Republicans, third-party candidates, well-known candidates and many more. By conducting this research, Padova will enhance the knowledge of one of his many teaching specialties, presidential history, campaigns and elections. Padova is looking forward to his research and is looking to publish his book in 2020.