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Registration time arrives at NECC

The rush for classes in the Spring semester have begun in earnest

It is now time for students to register for Spring 2018 classes at NECC. Online classes and winter intersessions are also open for registration. Spring semester starts Jan 21 and winter intersessions begins Jan 2 and end Jan 25. Winter intersessions are classes that are condensed to fit between fall and spring semesters.

“This next semester will be the first time I’m taking a winter intersession course. I’m looking forward to it because it’ll help me fulfill my credits a little bit faster,” says Aaron Lehner, a journalism and theater major.

The courses are a great way to catch up on credits or as an alternative to a full semesters class time. All forms of classes will fill up quickly so be sure to meet with your adviser to help you get registered. To find your designated adviser, log into your MyNECC account, click on the  “My Information” tab, then select “Look Up My Advisor.”

Once you’ve met with your advisor, you can either register online or in person. If you can register online, you’ll need to use the Self-Service on your MyNECC account. According to the school website, “most students who have earned 12 credits or more and have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 may register for classes using Self-Service”. See a list of exempt programs on the school website.

To register in person, do so through an adviser, or go directly to the Student Center Building. On the first floor of the student center, there are staff members ready to help with student services or financial aid. After looking at your account, you’ll be informed if you can either register immediately, if any holds on your account prevent you from registering, or if you’ll need to take any additional actions before you can register. It’s possible you’ll need a copy of your transcript so be sure to ask if one is necessary. After you’re all ready to go, you’ll receive a registration form at the counter. You can then go directly to the One-Stop Career and Advising Center, conveniently on the first floor as well, and register for classes!

Registering in person at NECC is quite easy. The staff is very knowledgeable and great at helping you navigate your courses. They’ll work with you to make a class schedule that fits in your time frame. They want to see everyone finish, but they never push you to take more than you can handle in one semester.

Heather McGovern, psychology major, prefers registering in-person. She says “I definitely think the staff is helpful. It’s a pain when classes fill up because they fill up so quickly”.

The fall semester is drawing to an end and spring is quickly approaching. This is an exciting time as this spring might be the final semester for some of our graduating students.

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