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Campus Culture Podcast takes NECC by storm

Dynamic trio takes to the air to talk Northern Essex

From podcast episodes to open mic nights, NECC’s Campus Culture Podcast is giving students a voice.Made up of three members, this podcast wrecking crew was established in the Spring semester of 2018.President of the group; Amanda Torres says their goal was to “put forth a different kind of aspect on campus” in regards to the other clubs at NECC.Torres points out how there was not a club on campus that captured the student body’s interest as a whole.“We like to discuss local news, Hip-Hop and keep our followers updated on our social media with new music and events we host at Northern Essex or might be attending in the Merrimack Valley,” said Torres.

Thursday, November 29th was the podcast’s first Open Mic night at NECC.In attempts to make this a recurring event,  Zack Deveau a second member of the podcast talks about how the Open Mic night is a milestone for the group. “We finally have the platform and space available to give local artists from the school and the community some exposure.”One of the talents Deveau is referring to, is pen tapping sensation and NECC Music major; Lennie Simo.Coming off of an MTV appearance on the comedic show “Ridiculousness,” Simo had the Open Mic audience in awe due to how fast he could tap his pens and how well he could mimic a well known instrumental.

Fun fact about Simo, he recently auditioned for “America’s Got Talent,” so keep an eye out for him on next season.Third member of the Campus Culture Podcast and homegrown, Open Mic night, talent Raul Eduardo Gonzalez Zemora talked about how the Open Mic night came about and why it is so important.“We’re in a location [Merrimack Valley] where there is so much talent and there’s not really a platform where people can go to express themselves,” he said. Zemora, a rapper, talks about how important and a must this podcast was to all three members.

“We’re going to give it to you real. That’s how this started, a couple of friends wanting to get together to help people express themselves and help individuals be proud of the artist they are and were meant to be,” he said. .With such a positive attitude and message, the Campus Culture Podcast is not only worth a listen but a follow on their social media accounts as well. Their podcast episodes are up now on the HC Media website. To reach out to any of the members or to stay informed for their next event, they can be followed on their Instagram account: campus_culture101. The Campus Culture Podcast members hope to have many more Open Mic nights to come but also hope that the podcast aspect stays relevant long after all members have graduated NECC.

student holding a mic raping in front of a projected screenPhoto by Andy Montilla

Raul Eduardo Gonzalez Zemora, rapping/performing.

three students standing together in front of a projected screenPhoto by Andy Montilla

Campus Culture Podcast members (Left to Right): Zack Deveau, Amanda Torres, Raul Eduardo Gonzalez Zemora

student raping in front of screenPhoto by Andy Montilla

Lennie Simo pen tapping and Savion Rosa, first year business major rapping/performing,