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Late Knights

photo of rows of computers, and students doing work on themPhoto by Brennan Cooney

Students work on computers in the Haverhill campus library on Monday, Dec. 10.

NECC students hunker down for final exams

Let’s face it, finals season kind of sucks. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than staying up all night with books piled on your lap, paper scatter across the floor, and your laptop hanging onto the last of its battery life. Trying to cram all of the information that’s been preached at you and creating acronyms that you think you’ll remember for your exam, but another acronym is created just to remember the original acronym. If only there was some kind of place where students could go where they could be allowed access to a quiet study place with computers and other students looking to do the same. Well, if this sounds like you, if a study session with your peers in a safe, quiet place is the first thing on your list this holiday season, the Late Knight Study Sesh might just be a season miracle.

Study hard, ask questions, get organized, carry a rabbit’s foot…

On Monday December 10 and Tuesday December 11, locations on both Haverhill and Lawrence Campus were open late, from 5pm – 10pm for any studying needs. To fuel students from late night hand cramps and strained eyes, these events were set to have free pizza, drinks, and coffee (only on December 10), as well as make your own trail mix, cereal, drinks, and coffee (on December 11). 

According to the Fast Web, a program that helps college students with scholarships, the most successful study tips include; listening to music, creating your own study guide, attending every review session you can, taking breaks when needed, color coding your study guide or notes, and staying well rested. The most important thing to do while studying for finals is to make sure that you are in a good headspace. This includes getting a full night’s rest, eating healthy, and taking times to recognize yourself and how you’re feeling.

The Late Knight Study Sessions were held at The Student Center and the Bentley Library in Haverhill and the El Hefni Main Lobby as well as the El Hefni computer lab, in Lawrence. It is also important to know that the bookstore carries a plethora of supplies, whether it’s notebooks, pens, or a student planner. The Haverhill bookstore will be open until Dec 21.  It will then reopen Jan, 2. The Lawrence will be open Dec. 10-14 for buyback and rental check-in. Study hard, ask questions, get organized, carry a rabbit’s foot  and remember to go easy on the coffee.