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NSLS cultivates leaders at NECC

National Society of Leadership and Success hosts hands-on practice

The National Society of Leadership and Success provides opportunities to students to form the basis of what it means to be a leader and the process to achieve individual goals.  “The purpose of the NSLS is to get students to get experience with being a leader, practizing in the classroom, or in a group,” said NECC’S Coordinator of Social Justice and Student Leadership Stephanie Haskell, Chapter leader of the National society of leadership and success (NSLS).

“From there it is a  five-step process for the Northern Essex chapter, and students are really oriented about it, but also at leadership training day they kind of get to understand more about themselves as a leader,  and then from there they attend broadcasts where famous people come to share their story, and how they got to where they are through their life lessons, and afterwards they attend success networking teams (SNT”s) where they work with their peers, and through this they work on a goal, and any feedback they can get from their members, but really it’s just a step process where you can be more aware of yourself as a leader and where you can gain skills.”

Through her lead taking and responsibility, Club President Kaylee Sarazin found the experience to be exciting. “I was so overwhelmed honestly, I was excited that this is  going to be an excellent opportunity for me, “ she said. “When I met Stephanie, I was excited, and then she started listing the responsibilities and I thought that this sounded like a lot, and I don’t know if I can do it. But in the end, I found that I like leading the chapter group. I’m extremely introverted, but honestly, I like the work and the responsibility of taking the lead within my position. “

For Haskell this is her first semester at Northern Essex with leading the chapter and hopes to have the group to be “student run.”

Haskell goes on to say “I will be here to assist students through the process, but I would love to see the students booking the rooms, and leading the discussions, and being up front and asking questions, and I think right now, we are going to get there, but we are at the beginning steps, so we are actually having students vote to be on the executive board for the national society, but we are also looking to start a club at NECC for NSLS. “

According to Haskell, “I’m proud of the fact of seeing students that came to orientation and didn’t want to share their names, but now through the process, more are showing personal stories, goals and lessons that they have learnt, and they have just opened up, and to talk within a group, so it’s exciting to see students develop and I think that im proud of the number of students that have stuck through it.”

“It took a lot of piloting” according to Kaylee “so I’m honestly grateful for all of the groups patience. But I’m proud of how much progress we are making, and I feel as though this is our own thing that we get to do with student members and build up the group and push them to progress and achieve their goals.  “Once I get students inducted, then I know that I have accomplished something.”