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Season’s greetings, semester’s farewell

NECC students discuss how to finish off the fall semester

With the end of the semester coming to a close and the holidays rolling in, it still surprises people just how stressful this time of year is.  Yet there is a lot to appreciate about this time of year and ways to make it as stress free as possible.  When asked what they do around this time of year, certain local folks had much to say on this topic.

NECC student, Norman Beraha, sees the holidays at the end of the semester as more of a relief rather than a reward.  Since he is Jewish, Beraha celebrates Chanukah or Hanukkah as it’s also spelled.  “[It’s] a celebration of oil lasting long enough for more to be made, there’s a big ol pile of myths around it,” Beraha explains, “but the upshot in the modern day is you celebrate it with lots of lights and fried food.”  He also mentioned latkes and soufganiot, both fried foods eaten around the holidays.  When asked if he has any advice for the end of the semester stresses, he says he isn’t really the expert, at first.  However, Beraha finishes off with, “The semester isn’t over until the 17th; hang in there and get [stuff] done; [it] would suck for a good semester to crash right on the finishing line.”

“The Holidays are the reward,” says local Methuen resident, John Hayes, “I’m completely exhausted!”  Hayes celebrates Christmas around this holiday season and decorates a tree in all white lights.  “We do the usual,” says Hayes, “…exchange gifts, and watch some Christmas movies; just me and my parents, nothing super unusual.”  However Hayes does bring up a time he and his family were very sick and weren’t able to hang up a tree.  “My dad’s drum equipment was sitting in the living room, so we draped the lights on them and that was our ‘tree’.”  As for what to do during the end of the semester, Hayes simply said, “For the love of God, get sleep and get your stuff done sooner rather than later; and treasure the time you have at home.”

As for NECC student, Xavier Velez, he also doesn’t see the holidays as a reward per say.  “I see the holidays as a resting period until I have to jump back into my next semester; if you see rest as a reward then maybe so, but I just try and relax during this time”, said Velez.  Velez celebrates Christmas and says he tries to celebrate it with his family as much as possible before working.  “We celebrate the holidays pretty traditionally,” adds Velez, as he describes having dinner on Christmas Eve with the family.  As for the end of the semester and what to do, Velez makes it apparent to “Beware of deadlines.”  He talks about the end of the year being exciting and how “blinding” it can become so it’s crucial to have everything on track.  “Also, life is fun and fast paced but take time to enjoy the holidays,” Velez adds, “appreciate the family and drink some eggnog.”

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