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Intern shares experiences

Medical assisting student got hands-on training

NECC has many great opportunities, especially for internships.  One program that is growing is the Health Care Program. NECC student Estephany Guillen recently spoke about the opportunity she was able to have during her internship.  Guillen got an internship as a medical assistant at an OBGYN office. Before she was able to get into this program she had to take classes in order to get her trained for the role she was about to jump into. They needed a certain amount of training.

Before Guillen was able to get into the program she had to take classes like human biology, medical terminology, intro to medical assisting, medical assisting 1 and 2, clinic lab procedures, medical office administration and medical assistant practice. She had to learn the skills necessary. She explained to me how her classes got tested, the class practiced on each other by completing tasks such as, taking vital signs and just overall treating their assigned classmate as a patient. If they passed these tests they were all sent to different practices to do their internships. Estephany stated “these classes really helped get the knowledge and experience needed before walking into an office. The clinic labs are what helped me the most because it’s exactly what you do when you get to finally do an internship.”

These classes helped Guillen gain the knowledge in all bases needed, they got to practice on classmates, which is great the school enables students to do that because a lot of people in our generation work better hands on!  She got to learn the technical stuff by studying the terminology and the administration and practice parts before she got to do it on real patients.Guillen explains how “different it is to study on real patients because everything you have been learning and studying finally falls together.

It all starts to click when you’re starting to work with real patients, you begin seeing how the textbook falls together with your hands on work as well.”  Guillen explains this was a great experience and something she believes everyone should have the opportunity to do because she didn’t realize how much knowledge would be behind all the hard work she has put in and it is great to hear her story and to hear how much she has grown into her study.

Guillen’s internship is now over and she was recently hired to be a full time medical assistant at the office she began her internship at.  It is actually funny because in the beginning she did not want to do an internship at an OGBYN it was not her preferred practice.  She has started to love the study and is excited for her great opportunity and job NECC has helped her receive and cannot wait for her next journey!