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Job Fair draws interest

As you all may be aware, NECC hosts job fairs in the Spurk building throughout the year. The job fairs consist of many different part time and full time positions offered to students at NECC.  There is no specific dates when this job fair takes place but all students are sent an email in advance of a job fair. These job fairs are encouraged by students and faculty because you all may be aware that job searching can be tough for students in college, especially full time students, because of the little time they have on their hands.

With how expensive college can be who wouldn’t want a part time or full time job? In the past job fairs, there have been representatives from Renewal by Andersen Windows, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Anna Jaques hospital, and many more, encouraging students to become part of their organization, and answering questions for the students who may have any. 

Some students may be aware of the job fair, but there are many that are not. Observer Opinion Editor Alexis Fontaine, a student at NECC, stated, “I am not aware of the job fair that takes place.”  When asked if NECC could be better about spreading the message of the job fair, Fontaine responded, “I think NECC can make people more aware of this event by sending emails that don’t go straight to the junk mail section, as well as having professors make announcements in their classes if they can possibly.

They probably post posters already and not a lot of students read them, but anyone can be looking for a job so it wouldn’t hurt if a professor mentioned that they’re having a job fair.”  She believes that the information regarding the job fair could be more in depth, instead of an email that students receive, that just goes straight to the junk inbox on student’s emails.

Sophia Marcus, another student at NECC, stated, “I was not aware that there was a job fair at NECC!” when asked if she knew about the job fair. When asked if she would check it out, she responded, “I won’t check it out myself because I am already employed but I think it’s a great thing for NECC to do for students who are looking for jobs especially since many of us are paying for college ourselves and need some extra cash. Jobs are really hard to find especially when you don’t have a college degree yet so I think it’s great that the college is doing that!”

Marcus finds it very beneficial because there are many students who have to pay for college out of pocket, and finds it great that NECC does this. So what can NECC do to improve for the message of this job fair to spread?

Well, Fontaine states, “On the actual day of the fair they should have better signage of where the event is being held as well so people attending outside of Northern Essex students know how to get there. Job fairs are important to not only students at Northern Essex, but to the surrounding communities as well and businesses looking for good employees. It is a win win situation for all and should be better publicized.” As you can see, students themselves are encouraging that when these job fairs take place, to put more effort into spreading the message, it’s important, even to the students who are already employed.

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