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Many students greet promise of warmer weather with joy

Despite the brutal reminder this week that we are still very much at the mercy of old man winter, NECC students have seen the recent warm spell as a prelude to summer nights of light mischief with the windows down and the AC blasting, and days where one physically needs ice cream to make it through.  Temperatures last week reached nearly 70 degrees, and had students yearning for the return of spring, and eventually summer.  NECC Business major Samantha Cooke said she plans on dusting off her hiking boots to go explore the North Shore’s lush trails, and is thinking of trying something new this summer. “I really wanna’ take surfing lessons. But the water out there is so cold, even in the summer, and there’s sharks maybe, so I’m not sure.”

March 20 was the vernal equinox, commonly referred to as the first day of spring, and as in so many years past, spring is springing about as quickly as an appellate judge mulling over a complex case.  “Yeah, I get that the weather has been nice, but here we are these last few days and it’s wind and bitter cold again. We’ve got a long way to go before swimsuits and barbecues” said writing major Caytlin Coleman.  “I’ll be satisfied that we’re completely done with miserable weather midway through May.”

But not every NECC student is thrilled about the return of spring.  Philosophy major Edward Mesa says he actually prefers the cold weather and is dreading the burning hot car seats and mosquito bites that summer promises to bring.  “It’s such a wet, humid heat around here, too. I wake up with my shirt stuck to my back every morning,” he said. “It’s hell.”

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