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Summer theater returns

Another play will be put on by NECC students in the summer

For the past two summers, NECC has held a summer theater course for students who are interested in putting on a play at the end of the summer. This course is all about engaging with one another and bringing the theater alive to those who enjoy it. The play is still to be decided as of right now. Once students have enrolled, Brianne Beatrice, the director of the summer theater course will announce what show will be put on so the roles in the play align with how many students have signed up. Although this course was once credited it is no longer a credit course, but even though it is not credited it still is a course to look forward to. There is a role for everyone, if you enjoy being the center of attention and being dramatic then a role on stage is for you.

However, if you enjoy tech, and designing then an off stage roll would be the right fit.  The summer theatre program pushes students to collaborate in every part necessary for the production Aaron Lehner, Observer campus life editor as well as a theater major has participated in the summer theater course for the past two summers. Last year the play that was put on was “Escape From Happiness.” Lehner’s roles were on and off stage in the previous plays he’s participated in. He played the role Jimmy in Almost Maine two summers ago and staged managed last springs play Love/Sick and Singing Telegram Man.

Lehner was also the role of Fred in A Christmas Carol which is  NECC’s yearly show during the holidays ran by Alisha Bucchiere and John Budzyna. Lehner will not be participating in this summer’s theater course but he said he has had so much fun with the summer theater program. “No matter how much experience is someone has in theater, they always have an amazing time and some great friends and memories,” says Lehner.  The theater and dance majors were shut down due to low enrollment, but students can still take theater and dance classes. Beatrice has been working hard to help out the remaining students who are interested in  theater. The summer theater programs is  a way to get students involved and help rebuild the program.