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Do students want their professors armed?

Do Students at Northern Essex want their professors to be armed? As many of us have seen online and on television, school gun violence is a very controversial issue. We may all want the same end result, no more gun violence, but there are many different opinions on how to achieve that such as stricter gun control laws, more security within the schools, and even arming teachers and professors.  Arming teachers and professors has been one of the most controversial solutions with it being possibly more dangerous.

Massachusetts law currently says:

“Whoever, not being a law enforcement officer and notwithstanding any license obtained by the person pursuant to chapter 140, carries on the person a firearm, loaded or unloaded, or other dangerous weapon in any building or on the grounds of any elementary or secondary school, college or university without the written authorization of the board or officer in charge of the elementary or secondary school, college or university shall be punished by a fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not more than 2 years or both.” However, some states do allow concealed carry on college campuses and some have advocated for arming teachers in the wake of various school shootings.

Do Northern Essex students think arming professors is a good idea? After speaking to NECC student Alexa Haded, it shows that you can be in favor of the Second Amendment but still not believe in solving gun violence with arming professors. After asking Haded’s opinion on whether or not they should be arming professors she said…“I believe in the right to bear arms which is why I’ll be getting my ltc (license to carry) to protect myself. Everyone has that option but it shouldn’t be forced upon professors.” NECC student Cameron DiGenova had a different take to the matter, believing it should be up to the professor… “I think if a professor has a license for concealed carry they can have it if they want, but students should not know about it and they should never see it unless there is an active shooter. But it shouldn’t be mandatory.”

He seemed very passionate about this topic, believing that carrying a weapon should be up to the individual, regardless of their profession. Vanessa Muthee, had another opinion when it came to this topic… “If they do have guns, they are more likely to misuse it. What if they feel threatened by a student?”  This has been a common opinion when debated in the news and online.  Although gun violence can be a sensitive topic, students here at Northern Essex seemed to have very strong opinions about it.  Regardless of different opinions on how to solve the gun violence epidemic, everyone has a common goal, of ending school violence once and for all.