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The new normal

Over the past few weeks the Nation has been hit by a barrage of invisible enemy fire. We do not wage this war on foreign soil. This battle has been brought to us. We are confronted with this threat in our country, in our towns, and in our homes. No longer can we sit comfortably on our lush couches as the devastation happens abroad.                       

The landscape of this Nation has drastically transformed over the last month. Millions of Americans are out of work, with millions more expected to lose their jobs. Unprecedented numbers of Americans are applying for unemployment. Schools are closed, all non essential businesses are closed, sporting events remain cancelled, and the list goes…

The stock market has tanked, and the economy is in dire need of stimulation. As Americans remain out of work, other ominous factors begin to manifest. Such as  mental health issues like depression, leading to suicide. Others fear for the general collapse of society. When people are broke and hungry, they get desperate. When people get desperate, survival of the fittest ensues. That is much cause for concern, and these factors must be taken into consideration regarding the timeline as it pertains to reopening the economy.        

The goal is to avoid mass casualties from the spread of the virus. But, the repercussions of opting for a nation-wide lockdown may in fact prove to be more detrimental to the well being of the country than the loss of life from the virus. As a Nation we must tread carefully. The proper steps must be taken to ensure public safety. On the other hand steps must be implemented to begin returning to normalcy.

 The road that lays ahead will be a tumultuous one. But as a country we have overcome far worse obstacles. This too shall pass.