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The pandemic life: Coping with COVID-19

 So, we’ve been in quarantine for almost two months now. Everything in the world has changed.You’re only allowed to go out for essential items and activities. People are wearing protective gear and constantly washing or sanitizing everything.Staying six feet part is what we call social distancing now.

Mattie Smith of Methuen doesn’t leave home without a face mask, gloves and hand sanitizer. “I started making my own mask,” she says.

 We use Zoom to connect with our peers, friends and family.

Change has been arunning theme in many people’s lives. For some like Darrius Butler of Methuen, things just seem to be flipped upside down. “Some days I go to sleep very late and sometimes early. It just feels like time is flying by,” he says.

Others seem to be dealing with the pandemic relatively well. 

“I still go to bed early and wake up at a decent time.” Say Darryl Butler from Methuen, who’s sleep schedule has been essentially undisturbed by the changes around him.

COVID-19 has affected people’s life in one way or another. Especially when everything is online now. And high school seniors don’t get to finish their last year with a bang. Everyone is trying to stay strong during this crazy time.