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Student offers insights into dealing with pandemic

The uncertainty for what’s to come, my academic performance, Income/work and my health are a few of the things that I consider to be some of the major factors to my stress.

This is a very overwhelming time for everyone and coming out of this healthy and stable is something I pray for every night. Trying to handle everything in my life at this point hasn’t been easy but I know that I need to be responsible.

A few things that have helped me cope through these times have been spending valuable time with my family, watching movies, and sharing laughter. Also catching up on some great shows like “How to get Away with Murder”, “You”, and “Money Heist”. These shows have comforted me and have allowed me to escape reality for the time being. I’ve also spent more time in the kitchen baking and cooking because the act itself is very therapeutic and fun.

Quarantining isn’t the most exciting thing that is happening now but I know that it’s what’s best for everyone at the moment. I find that doing a few things that genuinely bring me some peace and happiness have helped me get through this.

I decided to speak with a classmate of mine about the way she’s been coping with the pandemic. She personally has a family member who has been diagnosed with the Covid-19 and I felt like she could really give me insight on how she feels from a unique perspective.

Jocelyn Avila says “Managing school work on top of dealing with my father being sick has been very stressful, I’m the one that is keeping tabs on him for the whole family because he can barely speak, so to help I’ve decided to be the one that talks to him and gets back to the family with feedback so that they are able to be aware of his conditions. As for me I’ve been trying to keep up with my at home work-outs because the gym has always been an escape of mine. I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my mother and she’s been giving me good advice.”

Interviewing Jocelyn and hearing about how she’s been dealing with the pandemic was very eye opening because it really shows how we are all going through this together, and supporting one another is so crucial at a time like this.