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Being a student in the time of COVID-19

The pandemic has affected everyone, but for college students it’s really been a major shift in their academic career. Especially for those who were enrolled in in-person classes, due to the rather abrupt change to a remote format of learning and even then just because every student is taking online classes it doesn’t make things any easier. Online classes do allow students the opportunity to finish the course but with all that’s going on it can just add stress to students.

People are losing family, friends, neighbors, and so on. Doctors and nurses have no choice but to be at work Medical supplies are scarce and doctor, ventilators are being all used up and rooms are all occupied. The situation is still getting worse. People are under great stress and anxiety.

I spoke with a Northern Essex student who is finishing up her last semester and due to graduate, Sandra Hache said “I’m upset because it’s my first adult
graduation and it’s significant to me. I know that it’s out of everyone’s hands but it’s also unfair. I wanted to be able to walk down and have my diploma handed to me in front of my family. The positive thing is I’m still able to continue my education but at the same time I feel like I paid for something that I wont be getting.”

Hache is one case out of many that feels like their hard work won’t be properly rewarded, as graduating students throughout the country are forced to miss on being to walk for something they’ve worked so hard for.